Birdfeeders made in the USA

Nature House Inc. Bird Houses and garden hardware 100% American made

Bird Feeders, Bird Houses, Decorative garden items, Garden Tools, Miscellaneous Garden, Plant Supports and Wire Fences Illinois

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Erva is a manufacturer of Bird Houses and garden hardware 100% American made. Erva makes over 400 garden related hardware products including hooks, hangers, and shepherd staffs for flower and plant baskets. Erva also manufactures an extensive line of bird feeding hardware including birdfeeders, birdbaths, poles, hangers, and the most comprehensive selection of squirrel and raccoon baffles available anywhere. Erva acquired the Nature House company in 2006, maker of the finest aluminum purple martin houses. We continue to produce these houses at our manufacturing plant in Chicago IL.

Our family owned business is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2017. Please visit our showroom. We enjoy offering plant tours to our visitors.

Nature House does carry one imported line from Germany. They do a very good job of displaying on every item’s origin and the vast majority are Made in the USA

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