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Ox Ukuleles, Handmade in the USA


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Ox Ukuleles, Handmade in the USA. After a 30+ year woodworking hobby a family friend suggested I make him a Ukulele. Thus started Ox Ukuleles handmade in the USA. Now you can follow the MaddOX family journey as we build quality hand crafted ukes. Maybe your next Ukulele will be an original OX?

Editor’s notes; This website has never before listed a company that has only a Facebook page for a website. After being made aware of Ox by Arielle who is a fan of Ukuleles and American made products I took the time to review Ox and came away impressed and jealous of the craftsmanship displayed. Anyone that just takes up a challenge to create a musical instrument and ends up selling them around the country needs to be recognized. Thanks to Arielle for the heads up.

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