pandagrip american made jar opener

PandaGrip American Made Jar Opener and Closer

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PandaGrip American Made Jar Opener and Closer that does not require grip strength to operate. Its unique, self-retractable band allows you to open and close lids of any shape and size…from nail polish and glue bottles to the family-sized jars. It’s small enough to fit inside a pocket or purse, yet powerful enough to open the most stubborn lids.

  • POWERFUL: Requires no grip strength to use
  • HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE: A flexible, patent pending, self-retractable band adapts to any shape and size lid from from .25” to 4.5” in diameter
  • GENTLE: The polymer encapsulated band won’t damage lids like metal-toothed jar openers
  • PORTABLE: Easily fits inside a pocket or purse
  • HIGH QUALITY: High-strength band and highimpact polymer construction
  • As we age, our grip strength decreases and those already hard to open lids become even more difficult. For people suffering from arthritis, opening a lid can be even more painful. PandaGrip is designed to help people keep their independence by making it easy and fun to open and close lids without having to rely on others.

    For more information about PandaGrip, please visit us at our website.

    Pandagrip jar opener made in the USA

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