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Modern, sustainably and locally sourced hardwood furniture made in Florence, Alabama. Robin Wade Furniture would obviously make a stunning addition to your home or design project, but there are other, economic and environmentally conscious, reasons to choose a walnut dining table, a cherry bench, or other organic furniture pieces from this southern wood artist.

Robin Wade Furniture, a celebration of nature—a melding of a forward thinking commitment to the environment and a quiet, harmonious design aesthetic. From his “slow studio” in North Alabama, award-winning wood artist Robin Wade designs and crafts one-of-a-kind handmade furniture. Years before a piece is ready to enter a client’s home or a gallery, the process begins—naturally—with the tree. Sustainably harvested, each specimen of hardwood is flitch sawn into natural-edge wood slabs, debarked by hand with a draw knife, and stacked to dry, usually for years, before the final cure in the kiln. From here, Wade and his team use both hand and power tools to bring Wade’s vision to life, and then finish each piece with a hand-rubbed oil blend. Each organic furniture creation by Robin Wade Furniture balances the raw, natural beauty of environmentally, locally sourced hardwoods with minimally invasive, clean lines—a juxtaposition Wade calls both rustic and modern. “I haven’t yet found a better artist than nature,” he says.

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