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Staber washing machines are the most efficient clothes washers available and cost less to use based on total energy, water, and detergent usage. Staber is the only top load horizontal-axis clothes washer made in the U.S.

2 thoughts on “Staber washing machines”

  1. Daniel Joseph says:

    What guarantee does this company provide along with the purchase price?
    Often we buy a new “Good Washer” only to find a foul odor from the front loaders and a lack of draining.
    How are your washers different?
    Why should I order one of yours?
    How can it be delivered and supported if a problem occurs?

    Answer those and I’ll consider your company.
    Thank you

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Hi Daniel, thank you for visiting the American Made Directory of products. I’m glad to hear you are in the market for a washing machine Made in the USA. You left your questions on the Staber Washing Machines listing on our directory. Please visit them directly at to have those questions answered.

      I hope they answer your questions and it works out for you. In you second post you mention being in the Great Pacific NW. Our directory is based out of Western Washington. Take care and good luck.

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