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Tesla Motors makes electric cars in the USA. Tesla was founded in July 2003 and released the first electric sports car called the Tesla Roadster. The roadster was a great success and was soon followed up by the Model S, which is an electric luxury sedan. The company has reached many impressive milestones very quickly. In December of 2015 they reached 100K cars sold world wide. As of 2016 they are the second best selling plug in electric car on the market.

Soon after the Model S Tesla motors released the Model X a crossover SUV. In 2017 the company is scheduled to bring the model 3 to market. This model may sell for $35K even without any government tax credits. Soon the electric car will become more affordable as companies respond to competition leading to more innovation that will benefit all of us.

As of the writing this article Tesla Motors makes their cars in Fremont California in an assembly plant previously operated by NUMMI, a now defunct joint venture between Toyota and General Motors.

The company also has announced plans for a joint venture with Panasonic for a battery factory which will allow them to produce batteries an a reduced cost. This battery factory is being built in Nevada and will employ many Americans and advance battery technology.

Already other auto makers have responded with their own models of electric cars like the Volt which was said to be advanced because of the mounting pressure the success Tesla is putting on the other auto makers. This is exactly what America needs is a technology battle between brands which is a win win for consumers and workers.

I believe Tesla sells their Electric cars through their own retail dealerships rather than rely on indepenant dealers like other auto makers do.

They also have launched an ambitious plan to get charging stations built across the country, which again is a wonderful thing for a country where people need jobs.

Tesla Motors electric carTesla electric car made in the USA

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