The Wood Works of Cedar Springs

Christmas and Holiday Decorations, Wood products Michigan

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The Wood Works of Cedar Springs makes Christmas Nativity Scenes and other Christmas decorations made in the USA for your home. This company makes far more than American made holiday decorations such as wild life scenes, doll houses, jewelry boxes and much more. They build each items like they were building it for themselves.

Visit their website to see everything they make and you will see they have a lot of nice testimonials from customers and many samples of their USA made work.

nativity scenes made in the USA Christmas Joy ornament made in the USA Peace ornament made in the USA

2 thoughts on “The Wood Works of Cedar Springs”

  1. anna schiefelbein says:

    Please let me know about pricing

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Anna, thank you for commenting on the American Made directory. For specific product questions please click through to the specific company. Thanks

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