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Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms, Ltd. of Wisconsin makes portable, metal looms that have a
variety of uses (from tapestry and bead weaving to wire and inkle weaving) and can be used
by beginners to professional artists alike. They are manufactured in the United States of
America out of copper, aluminum, threaded steel rod and finished with handmade wooden
clips. Claudia Chase, President of Mirrix Looms, designed the first Mirrix in 1996 to meet her
own portable weaving needs and runs the business out of her studio in New Hampshire. Her
daughter, Elena, is Mirrix marketing director working out of her studio in Seattle. The Mirrix
looms are manufactured in Wisconsin, where the company was founded in 1996
Looms Made in the USA. I have always been amazed by looms. They look so complicated to me, however the people that use them always say oh it is so easy. Well
I'll leave it to them and take them at their word. If you are in the market for a Loom please check out our directory below.
Looms Made in the USA
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