TV's Made in Michigan Directory
*Element is an American Company. While we have many International Trade
Partners and Retail Customers, it has been a high-priority of ours to produce
products in America! After 2 years of hard work and planning, we are proud to
announce that Element will begin to produce some of its large screen size TV's
in the Detroit, Michigan Area – effective January 2012! To our knowledge,
Element will be the only brand of TV's assembled in America. We hope you
will look and ask for these products if you are shopping for TV because
America Matters

*Although Element TV's are not completely Made in the USA we feel they are making a large step in bringing
back American Made TV sets and we wish to recognise them for their efforts. When buying a TV please try
and look at their products and maybe buy one assembled by a fellow American.
TV's Made in Michigan Directory
Looking for Furniture please try to support American Workers by buying from these companies from the Made in Michigan directory below. If you know of a
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order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.
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before buying products from Google Ads
TV's Made in Michigan
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