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Boehm "The finest American Porcelain Art Sculptures" E. M. Boehm, now
Boehm Porcelain, is the artisan studio founded by sculptor Edward and wife
Helen Boehm in 1950. It is today recognized as one of the world’s foremost
porcelain studios. Boehm fine porcelain sculptures and open collection and
limited edition collectibles, as well as historically-commissioned pieces are
created by highly skilled artisans in the same Trenton, New Jersey studio in
which the company was founded. Boehm porcelain is the only American art
form to have two dedicated rooms in the Vatican Museum in Rome. Boehm’s
new line of home décor products is featured in Neiman Marcus and …. A five
foot floral sculpture designed and produced by Boehm artisans was featured
prominently at the 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show. Boehm is also known for
its restoration of fine porcelain products made by any manufacturer.
Art Made in New Jersey Directory
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