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For over thirty years, Ernest Thompson Furniture has been handcrafting fine furnishings,
cabinets, and our distinctive Sombraje twig shutters. Our skilled builders and carvers draw
upon a 400 year old tradition of woodworking in New Mexico, and we specialize in custom
designs, personalized design services and unsurpassed quality craftsmanship. All Ernest
Thompson collectibles are made in America, built right here in our Albuquerque, New
Mexico workshop. From start to finish, your custom design is never more than a few steps
from your personal design consultant.

dapwood furniture co. of New Mexico. We are a boutique manufacturing company located
in Albuquerque. We design and build products to order. We look at every order to give it
the care and attention it requires. We don't have containers of parts or finished products
ready to slap a shipping sticker on and send on its way. Neither do we have big machinery
that spits out completed parts. Some may consider us old fashioned but we know we make
a better product when human hands are working the wood every step of the way. By
building in this way it allows us to make a great product and allows you to get the exact
furniture piece you wanted- not something 'close enough'. We are also fast in our
turn-around times- a matter of weeks, not months. Lastly, we use the best materials and
only partner with premier resellers and suppliers. Try and get all of that from big-box
Furniture Made in New Mexico Directory. The furniture on this page was all made in the Land of Enchantment. When you buy products made in your
own home State you help keep your local economy strong and support the State tax base. Buying locally made products in many cases is better for the environment because
it did not need to be transported as far.  
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