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Austin Air has made a conscious decision to keep Americans employed by keeping
their manufacturing facility in the United States. We feel that every company has an
obligation to carefully examine the social, economic and moral costs of sending
jobs offshore. At Austin Air we believe that American workers still build the best
products, that corporations can still make a healthy profit manufacturing in the
United States and that the benefits of staying in America far outweigh the costs.  
When a company chooses to go offshore to manufacture a product, they are
motivated by one thing…greed. As a result, our economy suffers through lost jobs
and money, and the American consumer is short changed. The benefits of these
corporate cost savings are rarely passed on to the consumer and the product is
now of a lesser quality. If this were not true, your running shoes would last 5 times
longer and would never cost over $50 a pair. The next time you buy a product
made in China, ask yourself, “Why is this costing as much as it did when it was
made in the USA and how is this country going to prosper when our own
corporations have no loyalty to us?”
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