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Marshmallow Cone Company Every aspect of the Marshmallow Cone’s
production has always been done completely in-house at the company's plant --
everything from baking the cone on rotary gas-fired baking machines, to filling it
with marshmallow made in a steel kettle, to packing the cone and shipping it
from the attached warehouse to its customers – all made and done entirely in
the U.S.A. Marshmallow Cones are as close to handmade as any candy can
get short of Grandma’s kitchen! In Cincinnati, Ohio since 1936.  All of our
marshmallow candy cones are manufactured from scratch at our own facility --
from baking to filling to packing to shipping.  We bake real cones and make
marshmallow to produce our Real Marshmallow Cones.  We are proud to be
entirely "MADE IN THE USA!"
Candy Made in Ohio Directory
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