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Hasty Bake Charcoal Ovens - In 1948, Grant Hastings produced the first Hasty-Bake
Charcoal Oven. As one of the original manufacturers of the "backyard barbecue,"
Hastings was a pioneer in the industry. Specifically, Hasty-Bake introduced the first
portable unit, the first hooded unit, and a new method of cooking using indirect
heat. Hastings' design controlled the intensity of heat by using vents, a heat
deflector, a ventless hood and an adjustable fire box, revolutionizing the method in
which food was cooked. Though our company has undergone many changes in the
last 60+ years, the basic design of Hasty-Bake Charcoal Ovens remains unchanged.
Built for the discriminating outdoor chef, each Hasty-Bake creates a cooking
environment that produces meals that are superior in taste. Our adjustable fire box
offers you the flexibility to grill, bake or smoke your food. Additional features such
as a grease drain system and "V"-shaped grills work together to virtually eliminate
flare ups. An accurate thermometer helps you maintain your desired cooking
temperature. Our removable heat deflector lets you cook with indirect heat while
baking or smoking. And our ventless hood holds in heat and smoke allowing it to
rotate around your food. Each Hasty-Bake is constructed by hand in Tulsa, OK
from only the highest quality materials. With proper care and basic maintenance,
you can expect our black powder finish, cold-rolled steel ovens to last for 15 to 25
years (or longer). Our solid stainless steel models can be expected to last virtually
BBQ Grills Made in Oklahoma Directory
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