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Clothes Made in Oregon Directory
Sweetgrass Natural Fibers, a company dedicated to creating great clothing with
minimal impact. All our products are made in the U.S.A. from fabrics and fibers
grown without any harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We specialize in eco
fashion made from hemp, bamboo and organic cotton. Shop our site for hemp
clothing, organic cotton clothing, and bamboo clothing.
Sympatico Clothing is crafted for women seeking simple elegance and comfort in
their apparel. Designed and hand-crafted in America, each piece of Sympatico
clothing is preshrunk and is easily machine washed and tumble or air dried.
Lil Poopie Nation is 100% American-made baby clothing for your lil skaters and
punks. When you buy American, you support safe and clean working conditions,
protect child labor laws, grow our American home economy, and support the
independent work of your local brothers and sisters.
Clothes Made in Oregon Directory
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