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  • Include the Website of the American Made Product or Company you would like to submit. Please include your text listing in the description
    box. DO NOT include prices or specials in your listing unless they are permanent. You can change your text listing at anytime for another

  • Please try and only submit Products or Companies whose websites clearly display that they are American Made! We check out every
    company we list on the site and if it does not clearly display American Made we don't have the time to track them down to find out for sure!

  • The one-time fee to be listed on this website is $30.00 This covers a text only listing in the category most appropriate for your product or
    company. If for some reason your site does not meet our standards we will refund 100% of your fee.  

  • Please complete the following form, after completing the form you will be directed to a page with a PayPal payment button. If you just wish
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or prices. This listing is a one time fee only. We reserve the right to remove you from our listings
should the status of your products being  Made in the USA changes.
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Basic Text Listing with Newsletter Introduction. One time fee $70.00 This is our basic text listing
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