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Rescue Gear and Equipment Made in the USA

EVAC is a leading designer of Fire, Rescue, and EMS equipment because we listen to you, the people
who use our gear. We tailor our designs around what you have told us you needWe manufacture in
the U.S.A. top quality paks and bags for specialized Fire, Rescue, Police, Military, and EMS
applications. From storage for your SCBA to the very finest SAR equipment backpacks, EVAC is on
the cutting edge. All our bags are made from genuine 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon and every EVAC
product comes with a full lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Special Service and Supply, Inc. of| Colorado is a disabled veteran owned manufacturer of pneumatic
and hydraulic tools for auto extrication and rescue. We manufacture rescue blankets, air cutting
guns, hydraulic spreaders, backboards and other tools for rescue.

Safety Clothing Made in the USA

Drifire is a leading innovator in flame retardant fabrics and workwear. Devoted to ongoing origination
in flame retardant fabrics and garments, our Comfortable FR Wear delivers the ideal combination of
moisture management, flame resistance and comfort in all of our flame resistant workwear, including
DRIFIRE's assortment of outer and undergarments.

NSA- the leader in providing innovation in design and manufacturing of superior-quality protective
clothing and safety apparel for electric are exposure, high-heat environments, and glass-cutting
applications. As a major contender in the protective clothing and safety apparel industry, NSA knows
how important it is to have the highest quality of products. That’s why NSA not only meets but
exceeds the highest possible standards and regulations.

ICHANGE inc. has developed the Worlds 1st protective face mask attached to a shirt, built for todays
world we live in. The DUS-T is a one piece t-shirt with a protective facemask sewn just below the
collar of the neckline, when protection is needed the DUS-T facemask can be deployed in seconds
giving the user immediate relief from dust, wind and sun. DUS-T is reliable and comfortable
protection that's always ready, always there with you, stowed in the collar of the patented garment
when not in use. Disposable dust masks are uncomfortable, expensive and never there when you
need them, making protecting yourself a difficult and so much trouble nobody seems to want to use
them. Here at ICHANGE we are committed to providing you protective apparel that is comfortable,
washable, reusable and best of all, there when you need it. Try a DUS-T on your next job and see the
difference between the DUS-T and a regular dust mask, you won’t be disappointed, we guarantee it!

Martin Bros. Workwear We make the best welding shirts on the market and they are made in the

The Vest Guy  of Utah I Custom Manufacture vests, Safety Vests, Holsters, Slings, packs, Cases,
Tactical Vests, Molle Vests, Shooters Bags, Arm Bands, Chest Packs, Radio Harnesses, Photography
Gear...  We have been Custom Manufacturing Gear in the USA for over 20 Years, All out products
have a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

Safety Equipment Made in the USA

CATCHER PRODUCTS WORLD OF PRODUCTS Welcome to a world of innovative, user
developed and time tested products for Safety, Health and a better way of life.The Glove Catcher,
The Helmet Catcher, The Goggle Catcher, The Glove Ring, Pull-A-Way™ Lanyards

Smoke Alarm Equipment Made in America

Alarmtender If you can reach your smoke alarm, you can maintain it! Alarm Tender™ helps you,
"Keep your smoke alarms alive!"  Made in the USA by Angel Inventions, Inc.Dauphin, PA 17018

Whistles Made in the USA

See our American Made Whistle page
American Made Safety Clothing and Equipment Directory. We are a safe country because we do care about our people, we care about people on the
job, at play, and while travelling. So let's stay extra safe and use Safety clothing and Equipment Made in the USA. If we buy more products made in the United States we will   
have more people at work need safety clothing, its a win win.
Safety Gear Made in the USA
Please Check the Label before you
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Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.
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