Ammunition Made in South Carolina Directory

We here at Precision ONe Ammunition invite you to see the difference premium
grade ammunition offers. We are a fully licensed and insured manufacturer of
ammunition. We offer new and remanufactured ammunition, the loads are the
same-the only difference is the brass.  Most of our products are loaded to full-
power (not a standard target load), higher averaged velocities, and controlled
recoil for faster target acquisition.  Our XTP Self-Defense rounds are loaded to
peak power with a 'magnum type' powder.  Remanufactured ammunition can
be more accurate than factory ammo, but is less expensive because of the
recycled brass. All our pistol ammunition is remanufactured unless it is specified
'New'. We use a variety of powders in our calibers of ammunition to obtain
optimum results.  One powder is not the best option for all the different
calibers.  We know some other remanufacturers do this and we do NOT.  
Ammunition Made in South Carolina Directory
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Ammunition Made in South Carolina