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Pepper Spray Made in the USA

Buy Pepper Spray Today Specializes in self defense products to keep you and your loved ones
safe. We carry top of the line pepper spray, which includes the famous Mace brand. We also
carry bear repellents for when you go camping and dog mace for when you are walking or
jogging outdoors.

Protection Dog Providers

Simanovich Protection Dog Located in Conover, NC Simanovich Protection Dog is a leading
provider of fully trained guard dogs. With over 30 years of experience, as German Shepherd
trainers, our dogs trained by the Simanovich team improve the quality of life and increase
security for families and individuals who seek personal protection. Simanovich dogs have been
carefully selected & trained at the highest international standards to offer peace of mind and
security to their companions.
Self Defense Products Made in the USA. Keep yourself safe and the country's job safe too when you buy American Made Self Defense products. Buying
domestic made items keeps your fellow Americans working and gives them self defense from the unemployment line!
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Self Defense Products Made in the USA
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