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High Sierra Showerheads, LLC The recently patented nozzle in the High Sierra shower heads
is designed to break up a 1.5 stream of water (40% less water than traditional 2.5 gpm low
flow heads)into a full and invigorating spray of large droplets.  The spray has just the right
force for rinsing long hair and is very satisfying. The other big advantage of this design is that
all the water enters and exits the shower head through single orifices virtually eliminating
clogging. The payback in savings (water and the energy to heat it) is usually under 3 months.  
All parts used to manufacture High Sierra shower heads are machined, molded, and assembled
in California.

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Shower Heads Made in the USA. Start your day off right with a refreshing wake up from an American Made Shower Head. You know it will be well made and
that you helped keep another domestic company open and employing people.
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Shower Heads Made in the USA
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