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SolarAttic's "Conservation Technology" is now projected to eliminate 586 million
barrels of imported oil annually exceeding ANWR estimates. View our simple
calculations on how our conservation technology can do this. SolarAttic developed its
first solar pool heater in 1986 based on recovering wasted attic heat energy. Most
swimming pool owners have a home with a hot attic that can be used to heat their
swimming pool for $15/month or less. The solar heat energy found within the roof and
attic structure is derived from the sun's solar radiation. Over twenty years of field
experience with its patented new solar technology has taught Solar Attic that its solar
pool heater performed on par with roof mounted solar pool heater panels. Many solar
pool heater benefits are now available to swimming pool owners without the need to
use solar roof panels. The problems associated with traditional solar pool heaters using
solar panels are avoided by using Solar Attic's new attic solar pool heater.
Central Dynamics, Inc.  A swimming treadmill: A small pool that can be installed in
your home (8' x 15') where the water flows from the front to the back. The swimmer
swims in place. Electronically controlled. The water flow adjusts to the speed of the
swimmer. The RIVER pool is the most powerful in its class: 10HP electric motor.
Poolguard/ PBM Industries, Inc.  Poolguard has been making pool safety devices in
America for over 25 years.  All of our products are proudly made in the USA including
Pool Alarms, Door Alarms and Gate Alarms.  All of our products meet or exceed all
industry safety standards as well as your local building codes where alarms are
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