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PAN Grill-it is an American made Cast Iron grill insert designed and used in a 12"
skillet or larger. We had designed and created this product for three major purposes:
1). HEALTH: Stop product being made oversea. There is no EPA or FDA in China,
so why are using their coated toxic cookware? Cast iron has been the roots of
American cooking for centuries and has additive health benefits i.e Iron (The worlds
largest health deficiency) 2). MADE IN THE USA: Support the US economy! 3).
Grill anywhere anytime of year. I was born and raised from nothing but its made my
turtle shell tougher than most. It's been my life long dream and ambition to make a
product that does just those three things. I love this country and for that, I introduce
and offer the PAN Grill-it! It's ON!
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doubt ask them before you pay!
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Kitchen Products Made in Tennessee Directory
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Kitchen Products Made in Tennessee