American Made Tile. Using tile enhances wherever you decide to use it. It comes in may styles such as classic contemporary, big or small. Using Tile made in the USA
also helps our economy create jobs for our fellow Americans. We have listed quite a few companies that we have found that create tiles right here in America. Please give them an
opportunity at your business and keep your dollars in the domestic economy.
Tile Made in the USA

Emu Tile. "Thank you for seeking out quality handcrafted tiles. I am honored that my work
may become part of your home. When, out of a universe of possibilities, you select Emu Tile
to display or install, you are more than a customer. You are a collaborator."

ModCraft, we design and hand manufacture ceramic tile in our Beacon, New York studio. We
are known for the modern and contemporary feel of our tile which is created by the subtle
dimensionality of the tile surface.  This dimensionality lets the designer, architect, contractor,
and homeowner create stunning spaces in retail locations,  hospitality and restaurants, private
residences to larger building projects.

Crossville - Where every tile tells a story. From the first tile we produced in 1986 to the most
recent tile to come off the line. One marked a milestone in American tile production as the first
domestically manufactured large-format porcelain tile. The other, no less groundbreaking, is a
reflection of the most innovative production techniques, trend-settings designs and sustainable
manufacturing efforts in the tile industry. Our latest collections tell familiar stories in a new
way. Certified recycled and sustainable products are a testament to our long-held commitment
to the environment. The charitable spirit that has infused our business practices from the
beginning is newly evident in Glass Blox, sales of which benefit the Common Thread for the
Cure. Modern Mythology, our first natural stone collection, brings the ancient beauty of
classical stone designs to life in a unique fusion of color, shapes, and textures found in modern
life. What began more than two decades ago as a simple, high quality offering of tile has
grown into a complete design solution. From porcelain to glass, metal and natural stone,
Crossville will Elevate Your Space.

Heath Ceramics Our tile collections span 60 years of design and range from made-to-order and
in-stock to custom - all crafted in our Sausalito, California factory in an impressive
combination of colors, sizes, shapes and patterns.

laNeva Artisan Tile of Minnesota and Colorado. Every handmade tile is a piece of art. laNeva
Artisan tile is as unique as your project. Subtly contemporary, with the warmth that only
handmade can provide, the skill and care of the laNeva craftspeople goes into each tile we
produce. Offering several collections of ceramic wall tile and a new glass tile collection
launching in September 2011. laNeva Tile is eco friendly, using 100% non-toxic and lead-free
glazes. laNeva tile is luscious, luxurious and lead-free. laNeva also offers complimentary design
services to develop a pattern or tile just for you. Custom tile designs for every budget and
every space.

Florida Tile is proud to be a domestic manufacturer of high quality porcelain and ceramic floor
and wall tile. Our manufacturing plant, distribution center, corporate offices and showrooms
are all located in the United States. We believe that a strong country needs a strong
manufacturing base, which is why we choose to make our products with pride here in the US.

Clayhaus Ceramics of Oregon. The Clayhaus name derives from the Bauhaus movement and
its influence on modernist architecture and modern design.  As second generation ceramicists,
our unique products come from within.  We are artisans making hand-crafted ceramic tile at
our studio in Portland, Oregon.
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Tile Made in the USA
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Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
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