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 Liberty Safes Our story began in 1988 building 6 safes a day
in 3 rental storage units. No joke! 22 years later, Liberty now
produces as many as 250 safes a day on a 23-acre, 205,000
Sq. Ft. production & distribution facility located in Payson,
Utah. Last year (2009) alone, we BUILT & SOLD more than
105,000 gun safes, doubling our nearest competitor. As of
2010, after 22 years of selling safes, we will have sold more
SAFES Approximately 20 years ago US Gun Safe
Manufacturers turned their eyes to the far east, specifically
CHINA, in search for cheaper labor, cheaper materials, and
cheaper design. This resulted in an invasion of low quality
gun safes to the US market. We are one of the companies
making a real and successful effort of reversing that trend,
and today we can say that most of what you get from Liberty
Safe is Made In The USA with our labor, our materials and
our design. That's a reason to go to work everyday. Buy
Liberty, Buy American Made.
Safes Made in Utah Directory
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