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Tazin International, Inc. of Illinois and Minnesota makes the  PATENTED ERGONOMIC and
AERO- DYNAMICALLY ANGLED DESIGNED for comfort and SAFETY for those involved in
walking, running, cycling, skating or any activity where hydration is desired. Enables full eye
contact with the path/road while hydrating. THE BENEFITS FROM DRINKING FROM THE
Tazi™ 20 OZ. HYDRATION BOTTLE: Prevents the dreaded    "Head Tilt"; when drinking,
Comfortable grip,  Lays invertical or horizontal position without spilling. INTENDED USE and
DESIGN is for adults, young adults, all children, and the   sports enthusiast. PATENTED
POSITIONING while hanging from various health/Fitness equipment for easy access (Integrated
cap/clip sold separate when available in 2004).DRINK OR MIST! To drink ­ squeeze the bottle
and/or SIP as required. To mist ­ shake bottle lightly and squeeze bottle in the vertical position.
The misting feature also helps conserve water and cools the body quickly. ALLOWS FOR
MAXIMUM FILL with virtually all types of water fountains, even those with low water pressure.
for easy/hassle free insertion of water/ice from home use refrigerator dispensers. DISHWASHER
SAFE - Angled to not interfere with upper rack jet propeller sprays FITS ALL BICYCLE  
BOTTLE CAGES    Optimal design for side-release, rear mounted saddle, Tazi™ reverse profile
(sold separately in 2004) and all other standard bike cages. BOTTLE MATERIAL - LPDE (Low
Density Polyethylene) high-grade plastic. FDA APPROVED PLASTIC - 70 grams plastic grade
(industry standard approximately 55 grams) and Recycle #4 plastic. Proudly Made in the U.S.A.!
Water Bottles Made in the USA. Having a re-usable water bottle is a great thing for the environment and buying one that is American Made is good for the
economy. This page of our directory is dedicated to Water bottles that are made here in our country.
Water Bottles Made in the USA
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