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Water Filters Made in the USA
Drinking Water Filters Made in the USA
ezClearWater Our Water Purification Systems are designed and manufactured by
Selecto Scientific in the USA and Certified by the ANSI/NSF to Standard 42 and tested
and approved to ANSI/NSF Standard 53. All our Pool and Spa technology as well as
our Drinking Water and Whole House Water Filters are engineered and Made in the USA  America's leading supplier of Made in USA reverse osmosis water
filters, whole house water filters, shower filters and replacement water filters.
MICRON Filter Cartridge Corp. of Illinois MICRON manufactures wound filter
cartridges and filter housings for filtering sediment and other contaminants from water,
bio-diesel, and other liquids. WE MANUFACTURE ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS HERE
IN AMERICA.  We believe in protecting jobs in the USA!  Our quality, customer
service, and fast ship times are second to none.  Please try us!
Environmental Systems Distributing (ESD) of Florida offering American made whole
house, under-sink, counter-top, shower and specialty water purification products. If
you are on city tap water, you don't need expensive and wasteful reverse osmosis
technology to make top quality drinking water right at your kitchen sink for under $0.03
/gallon. Free shipping to Lower 48 USA. Stop the Lug-A-Jug drill.

Pool and Spa Filters Made in America NanoSTICK & NanoSPRAY: The revolutionary, nonchemical water
clarifier for sparkling Pool & Spa water.  NanoSTICK utilizes NanoTitanium technology
to Zap organics on contact; including hair, skin, ammonia, oils, and lots more.Take the
work out of owning a hot tub.  Let NanoSTICK and NanoSPRAY do the work for you!

Water Coolers Made in the USA
Natural Choice Corporation  Bottleless Water Coolers for Home & Office to
quench your thirst.  Enjoy an endless supply of cold, hot, and even sparkling water.  
Never buy Bottled Water again. Background on Natural Choice Corporation – Started in
a garage in 1990, in Rockford, Illinois, James B. Knoll and his son, George Knoll,
developed alternatives to Bottled Water, and have won awards and patents for their
innovative water filtration technology. Since 1990, Natural Choice Water has developed
innovative drinking water solutions, including the award-winning ION Bottleless Water
Cooler.  Innovative features includes – SleepMode energy saving for evenings and
weekends; Sparkling Water (carbonated), EZChange Filter (CarbonPlus) that changes in
seconds without even turning off the water supply. Our mission is to replace Bottled
Water Coolers one at a time, improving our environment with a sustainable solution -
and improving personal health with freshly filtered drinking water.Ordinary Filtered and
Bottled Water Coolers use a reservoir tank that holds stagnant filtered water.  The ION
uses a proprietary Sealed Water Pathway that contains just 3 oz of drinking water.  So
every glass from an ION Bottleless Water Cooler is freshly filtered and instantly chilled.
Simply connect to a tap water supply (mains fed water supply), and the ION starts up
automatically.  Installation can be found on our website or at
com/user/IONWaterCooler. Natural Choice Water distributes water filtration systems
throughout the USA – major markets include Chicago, Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, New
York City, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco,
Baltimore, Charlotte, Charleston, Richmond, Denver, Boston, Cleveland, Columbus,
Memphis, and Atlanta. Brand names include – ION Bottleless Water Cooler, CarbonPlus
Water Filter, EZChange Filtration Cartridges, and Infiniti Water Filtration System.

Water Cooler Filters American Made PureCool filter for water coolers and crocks: is a simple, gravity fed
water filter that allows you to make your own, BPA-Free bottled water for pennies!  
Use PureCool with any water crock and most brands of water coolers.  PureCool turns
your Tap Water into Bottled Water by reducing: chlorine, chloramines, lead, mold,
algae, BPA, and more.
Whole House Water Filters Made in the USA
EzClearWater Contamin-Eater Whole House Water Filter Did you know that you absorb
more toxins in your bath or shower than you do drinking tap water?  The Contamin-
Eater Whole House Water Filtration System is the perfect answer for protecting your
family, pets, appliances and plumbing.  Made by Selecto Scientific and utilizing their
patented Hollow Carbon technology, the Contamin-Eater outperforms old fashioned
activated carbon, reducing Chlorine, Chloramines, Cysts, sediment, bad tastes and
odors, turbidity, tannins, and VOCs, including carcinogenic disinfection byproducts.  
There's even a Contamin-Eater to reduce Fluoride!  The Contamin-Eater is ANSI/NSF
Certified to Standard 42 and tested and approved to ANSI/NSF Standard 53.  Lots of
sizes to meet your needs
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