What Can I Do To Keep Americans Working
Please try to support American Workers by buying products from the directory below. If you know of a good American Made
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What can you do?  First and foremost, always check the label to see where the product you are
purchasing was made.  If you cannot find an American made version of what you’re looking for,
let your retailer know that you would prefer a made in America option.  Companies listen to
dollars and if you’re not willing to purchase products made overseas, companies will bring
manufacturing back to the United States.  Secondly, stop purchasing from companies that out
source support positions.  Demand that they bring their customer service centers back home as
well.  And finally, reach out to our lawmakers and demand changes to our import laws.  We
certainly require high quality worker and safety standards here and wouldn't tolerate inadequate
work conditions, environmental conditions, and unfair wages so why do we allow imports that
don't reflect what we have worked so hard to change here?  It is time to take a stand and get
Americans back to work.   Companies will listen if we all stand united!
Web www.americansworking.com
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American Made Products What can I do to help
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