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American Made Matters

What can you do for your country and our future?

With the loss of 5.5 million manufacturing jobs this decade, and the
residual impact (for every one manufacturing job there are five others
created - truck drivers, accountants, research & development, clerical,
etc.), the US has seen a loss of over 30 million jobs.  This has had a huge
impact on not only our economy and national security but also on the
survival of our middle class.  Our economy cannot rely solely on service,
health care and agriculture.  Government has not provided a solution
and so it is time for consumers to take action before it’s too late.

American Made Matters™ is a unique initiative to create a powerful
unified branding and messages targeted at consumers who care about
US jobs, our independence, safety, communities, security, environment
and strengthen the American Dream.  

Its website,
www.AmericanMadeMatters.com, is a virtual gathering
place for like-minded American manufacturers to unify their brands
and tell their individual stories with a common voice.  Together they will
focus on raising awareness of the breadth and quality of American-made
products.  “Buying American” is the one thing that every American can
do to help save jobs and stimulate our struggling economy.  

We must act now or we will see the extinction of more US industries.  
Once these jobs are lost they will likely be lost forever, increasing our
dependency on foreign made goods.  Look for the American Made
Matters™ logo and restore the am
American dream for millions of Americans!
Web www.americansworking.com
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Americans Working is very proud to endorse and partner with American Made Matters™. Please take the time to
read about them below and visit their site to really understand why it is important to Buy American and what we can all
do together.
Look for this logo in stores now!  Buy products with this label and you are
helping to strengthen the American Dream!
Why buy American?

If you're here you probably don't need any reminding, but if you're just looking for some more reasons, or some
points to convince your friends of the benefit of buying American made products, here are some of the top
reasons to buy American.

1. Jobs - Above all else, when you buy American you save or create AMERICAN JOBS! These are the jobs that
are at the foundation of our economy, and have unfortunately been moving overseas, but by buying American
you can help to reverse that trend.

2. Environmental - Many of the top countries where our goods come from have little or no regulations to protect
the environment, and the manufacturers have no regard for the earth and they pollute and abuse the soil, air, and
the water. When you buy American you know there are regulations in place to protect the environment so our
children can appreciate this beautiful country as much as we do.

3. Human Rights - The countries the United States import from often have nonexistent standards regular working
conditions. Many of the factories producing US bound goods are worse than our prisons, and filled with children
working extremely long days. No one wants to support that, and by buying American you know you aren't we
have regulations and agencies in this country to prevent those types of atrocities.

4. Democracy - Americans believe in and stand up for democracy whenever we can, and by choosing to buy
American you are supporting the ideals of democracy.

5. Conservation - When buying products that are produced overseas built into the price is the cost of shipping
that product all the way from that country to the United States, usually crossing the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean.
This wastes an extremely large amount of petroleum and produces unnecessary emissions into the atmosphere.

6. Domino Effect - When you buy American that money stays in the United States. That money goes to pay the
wage of many people that are directly or indirectly responsible for creating your product. Each of them in turn
spends this money on goods (hopefully American made) and services, and the cycle continues. The more you
buy American, the more the economy is stimulated, and the more jobs are created.  Plus, American workers pay
taxes on wages earned in America.

7. MORE JOBS - For every manufacturing job there are FIVE additional jobs created. Do the math. Dollar for
dollar it is a great investment in this amazing country!
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