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Art made in the USA by Americans artisans is world class artwork admired around the globe. On this page of our directory we have compiled a list of Art that is created here in the USA. We hope you will browse the list found below the next time you are looking for artwork for your home or business. Our job is never complete and we are always searching out new art made in the US. If you are aware of American artisans we have not yet included in our directory we ask you to please tell us about them.

The worldwide art industry is worth billions of dollars every year in sales. It would be very nice for our economy if American artist were able to gain more of that market share. With those kind of dollars involved it’s hard to believe there are any starving artist?

While being a young country compared to much of the world the United States has produced numerous world class artist such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and of course Norman Rockwell. There are far more of course too many to list of course. Here is a great site listing the 50 greatest American paintings that is really thought provoking.

Many people consider the painting of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart the most famous American painting. You are probably very familiar with this portrait of course because it is on the One dollar bill. His original painting (seen below) was never actually finished. It is said he was too busy painting more of them to sell to ever both finishing the original. Do you think he or President Washington ever dreamed this image would be re-printed millions and millions of times and of course coveted world wide.

The best Art made in the USA

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