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    Image Time, Inc. of Pennsylvania. Since 1989 Image Time has been totally focused on and devoted to manufacturing custom neon clocks.  Over the years, we have supplied, supported and developed complete licensed programs for many of the largest and most respected corporations, such as Harley-Davidson, Ford Motor Company, Continental Tire, The NRA and Snap On Tools, just to name a few.  Our neon clocks play a major factor in brand recognition and Point of Purchase... Read More
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    Chelsea Clock Company of Massachusetts was founded in 1897, Chelsea Clock Company is one of the oldest, and largest clock manufacturers in the United States. For over a century, Chelsea’s craftsmen have been designing and meticulously building some of the world’s most exquisite time machines. Today, the company continues to manufacture and repair clocks at its original corporate headquarters in Chelsea, Massachusetts.
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    Providence Workshop, located in beautiful Door County. I am presently designing and building clocks. A lifetime love of woodworking and clocks is finally being allowed to be expressed. The fascination with clocks is not for the desire of always watching time, but for the intricacies of the design, the beauty of the details, the wood, the color, the warmth, and each one being different and personal.

Time Clocks

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    TimePilot Corporation produces a line up of cost effective electronic time clock systems both indoor and outdoor use that replaces old-fashioned punch clocks. All our American made time clocks are designed and manufactured in the U.S. in Batavia, Illinois, to be exact. Our American made time clocks system are assembled by Marsh Products, Inc., which occupies space in the same building as TimePilot. Our circuit boards are assembled in Elgin, Illinois, just a few miles... Read More
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    Pyramid Time Systems of Connecticut makes Time clocks, synchronized clocks, and wire clocks made for small, medium, and enterprise businesses looking for high quality craftsmanship that are built to last. Our products are designed, engineered, and manufactured here in the USA.

Are there still clocks made in the USA? At one time in America there were many great clock makers but as you can see today there are only a few remaining. Clock making was one of the first high tech manufacturing industries because of accuracy and amount of moving parts required. Not only did these craftsman create intricate mechanical devices they also needed to be beautiful and stylish.

Do you recall the good old days when many main streets would have a large ornate clock and it was a symbol of pride in the community. Seemed quite often the clock was installed by a local jeweler of other local business. Today of course mechanical clocks are something you rarely see any longer.

American clock makers were innovators and always searching for how to make a clock cheaper, smaller and faster. Early clocks were very large and the pendulum was an average of forty inches long. To save money some clocks were sold without cabinets and were known as wag-on-the-wall clocks. Clock makers finally started designing smaller clocks known as shelf clocks that did not require so much space.

So now it is time to spend your money on clocks made in the USA and support an industry with a long history of creating jobs in America. If you have a few minutes here is a wonderful article about the American history of clock making.

After checking out the last few companies making clocks here in the USA we hope you will explore some of the many pages we have dedicated to American manufacturing. Check out our Kitchen Products made in the USA or maybe the American Made clothes category.

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