Thanks for visiting our list of items made in the State of Michigan. We hope you will come back often as we are always looking for and adding items to our directory. Should you come across an items you think deserves to be listed here please let us know.

Amigo Mobility International, Inc.

Amigo Mobility International, Inc.  of Michigan  was founded by the inventor of the first  battery –operated, power mobility product, Al Thieme. Designed for people with walking  disabilities, Amigo power-operated vehicles/scooters are USA-made in Bridgeport, Michigan. Committed to Improving Lives Through Mobility®, multiple product lines include healthcare, commercial, transportation services and senior-active lifestyle. Niche products include the Shabbat Amigo (allows full observance of the Sabbath for Orthodox Jews); active seniors enjoy the collapsible lightweight travel model... Read More

Mobility Scooters Michigan

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Artwork made in Michigan

Artwork made in Michigan includes Portrait Drawings, Personalized Signs, Inspirational Signs Giclee Prints, Fine Art Prints, and Paintings.

Art Michigan

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BADGER CLAMPMade in Michigan THE MUST HAVE NEW HAND TOOL The Badger Clamp is an ideal DIY tool as an anchor for rigging operations (vertical or horizontal) and as a tool for positioning and holding. The Badger Clamp line of tools are recommended for home, construction and industrial use.

Clamps Michigan

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BagSavr+ is designed to perfectly fit plastic grocery bags and holds many additional bags! BagSavr+ comes in 8 designer colors with optional hanger bracket in matching colors. BagSavr+ saves you money by allowing you to easily re-use your free plastic grocery bags! It’s great for the environment because it promotes re-use! The ergonomic design of BagSavr resolves every major problem with trash currently – bags won’t fall in, BagSavr can be mounted anywhere, BagSavr stores... Read More

Household Gadgets Michigan

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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Made In Michigan includes a solid oak Hide-A-Roll toilet paper holder that stores 3 rolls of toilet paper; themed metal toilet paper holders to coordinate your bathroom décor;  cedar soap dishes for handmade soaps and essential oil racks for displaying/storing bottles of essential oils and roller ball holders.

Bathroom Products Michigan

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Beckeys Kountry Kitchen

Beckeys Kountry Kitchen of Michigan makes Kitchen Jams, Jellies and Sweet Breads. What started out as just offering our restaurant guest homemade style jams and breads has grown to a point that we are sending our jams and breads all over the country. Our moist and sweet breads like Apple, Banana, Peach and Blueberry Zucchini have been popular with our guest.  It’s not uncommon to have them come in just to buy a few loaves... Read More

All Kitchen Items, Food and Snacks, Gourmet Foods Michigan

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Best Drying Rack

Best Drying Rack of Missouri, Iowa, Idaho, Ohio, Michigan. Our clothes drying rack and other laundry products are quality made in America. They will last years. Our product line includes our round wooden clothes drying rack, a large heavy duty outdoor umbrella clothesline that holds 4 loads of laundry, and a hand washing kit to help make washing even the most dirty clothes easy. We are a family owned business with top notch customer service. ... Read More

Laundry Tools Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio

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American Made Potato chips

Better Made Potato Chips Made in the USA

Better Made Potato Chips Made in the USA. Better Made Potato Chips are better because Better uses all natural resources and the potatoes are untouched by human hands from the time they leave the farm until you grab and handful for yourself. Which American made potato chips do you crave the most? Is it Bar-B-Q, Red Hot, Sour Cream and Onion, Salt and Vinegar, or Sweet Bar-B-Q? Instead of making a tough choice like that... Read More

Food and Snacks, Potato Chips Made in the USA Michigan

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Beverage Holders

Beverage Holders Made in Michigan include neoprene fabric Koozies in your choice of styles to fit standard bottle, can and wine bottles, the neoprene Wine Koozies by Riverstone Gallery in your choice of Michigan theme designs, and metal Beerstix Beverage Holders for patio or ground that hold any beverage.

Beverage Holders Michigan

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Birdfeeders Made in Michigan include high quality lighthouse style birdfeeders, natural bird feeders, rustic bird feeders,  jelly bird feeders, sunflower bird feeders, thistle seed bird feeders, and decorative glass bird feeders. The bird feeders are handcrafted from pine, cedar, and engraved glass.

Bird Feeders Michigan

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American Made Breath Warmers


Breathwarmers of Michigan make Breathwarmers, which are cold-air warming masks.  They are made of soft polar fleece and designed to hug the face to prevent glasses fogging. These scarfs can be worn on the face and quickly pulled down when going indoors and looks like a fashionable scarf inside your coat.  Originally marked for people with lung/heart problems, we now have branched out to children’s masks, hunters and winter sports masks.  We make a very... Read More

Clothing Made in the USA, Neck Gaiters, Winter Gear Made in the USA, Winter Outerwear Michigan

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Brooks Leather

Brooks Leather We are an American manufacturer of leather motorcycle apparel, in business in the USA since the early 1950’s.  All of our apparel is produced in the USA, in our Michigan and Massachusetts facilities.  Our apparel features a 5 year warranty.  We use only the finest top grain cowhides and materials in our garments.

Motorcycle Jackets and Gear Massachusetts, Michigan

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Candles made in Michigan

Candles made in Michigan include organic beeswax candles made by Bee Organic which uses only organic ingredients that are derived from nature in their purest form. And 100% soy candles provided by Kristin & Company, Michigan Scents,  Blue Water Candle Company, J and L Creations, and The Lower Mitt Candle Company.

Candles Michigan

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Candy made in Michigan

Candy made in Michigan includes chocolate peanut butter cups, truffles, gourmet turtles, smores, chocolate dipped pretzels, chocolate rice krispie treats, chocolate bark, caramel filled chocolate, fudge, toffee, brownie bites, sour cherry patches, maple candy, chocolate covered fruit, and more!

American made candy Michigan

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Cane Bags

Cane Bags are designed to fit all standard canes and most walking sticks and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each cane bag has a wrist strap so you don’t have to let go of your cane or walking stick, which most time drops to the floor. The Cane Bags are easily accessible for those with disabilities who have trouble reaching into a deep pockets. Cane Bags have short pockets so they don’t... Read More

Adaptive Items and Products Michigan

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Car Decal Geek

Car Decal Geek of Michigan manufactures die-cut vinyl decals for cars and trucks in the USA. Car Decal Geek is a site devoted to die cut vinyl decals and stickers. We know that we say that they are for cars, but the truth is, you can stick these bad boys just about anywhere. We tried to design awesome and unique decals that you don’t see every day.

Window Decals Michigan

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Children's Clothing made in Michigan

Children’s Clothing

Children’s Clothing made in Michigan include hand knitted infant and toddler cardigan sweaters, layette sets, hats, hooded sweaters, Michigan theme onsies, outerwear and headwear.

Baby Items, Children's Clothing Michigan

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Choices All Natural Foot Repair Creme

Choices All Natural Foot Repair Creme – You will think you have new feet, after using this Foot Crème for just a few days. Contains 28 % hydrating ingredients, this Crème will quickly eliminate rough, cracked skin. A cooling and deodorizing blend of natural extracts with Tea Tree oil, will leave your feet energized and refreshed. 4 ounces. This all natural Foot Repair Foot Crème is free of noxious chemicals, parabens, sulfates, glycol and PEG’s,... Read More

Foot Care Michigan

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Chrissy's Knee High Socks made in the USA

Chrissy’s Knee High Socks

Chrissy’s Knee High Socks of Michigan has 300+ styles of Animal Print, Argyle, Camo, Funky, Solids, Striped, Tie-Dye, Tube & Holiday socks available. All of our socks are Made in the USA. You can even create your own socks with our custom order option.

Clothing Made in the USA, Socks Michigan

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Cleaning Supplies made in Michigan

Cleaning Supplies made in Michigan include Unmarx reusable cleaning pad that easily erases marks on clothing, Xtreme Cleaner and Surface Protector, Visor & Helmet Treatment, Glass Guard for crystal clear windows, Optics Surface Treatment eyeglass cleaner and Lavender Yogo Mat Cleaner, crocheted kitchen scrubbies and dish cloths, room & linen Spray and BagSavr for plastic garbage bags.

All Kitchen Items, Cleaning Supplies Michigan

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Coates Grills

This company’s website has been taken down. rom the great State of Michigan makes cooking equipment, bbq grills cast aluminum, wood/charcoal burning grills. Each and every grill is built by hand, made entirely in Michigan, to ensure the quality of craftsmanship in every last feature. This isn’t your ordinary grill that will rust out, but instead a one of a kind masterpiece, sure to withstand decades of use.


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Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups made in Michigan include the Michigan Love Mug with decorative red open heart with Michigan’s upper and lower peninsula in red, Tuxedo Cat theme coffee cups, and laser engraved coffee cups.

All Kitchen Items, Coffee Mugs Michigan

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Collectibles made in Michigan

Collectibles made in Michigan include decorative glass art, high quality gumball dispensers, license plate art, handcrafted artwork made out of Petoskey Stone, hunters patch posters, personalized ceramic, pottery, dolls, and much more.

Collectibles and memorabilia Michigan

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Cotson Fabricating Inc.

Cotson Fabricating Inc. We are a fabricating shop located in Troy, Michigan with a wealth of experience in sheet metal and electrical fabricating, such as copper bar, custom enclosures and bases, 508A control panels, Brackets, Covers, etc.

Fabricating Michigan

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Crooked Tree Creations

Crooked Tree Creations makes rustic furniture and crafts from logs, branches, boards and slabs of odd wood collected off their property in Pickford, Michigan. Along with rustic basket and shelves, they make custom creations such as signs, beds, benches, stools, tables, chairs, storage boxes, etc. so if you have something in mind, just ask!

All American Made Furniture, Baskets, Occasional Michigan

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Detroit Torch & Mfg. Co

Detroit Torch & Mfg. Co. of Michigan is a U.S. Mfg. of light, medium and heavy duty industrial grade oxy/fuel torches and regulators. Detroit Torch is a step above the rest when it comes to customer service. We care about our customers. We know how important their tools are to getting the job done. We know you take pride in every bead you lay and cut you make? Detroit Torch and Mfg. Co. does too!... Read More

Tools, Welding Tools Michigan

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Dirty Girl Racewear

Dirty Girl Racewear for Ladies. Have fun showing off what you love with Dirty Girl Racewear! Racewear isn’t just for the boys and finally there is awesome Dirty Girl Racewear just for you.

Motorcycle Clothing Michigan

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Earthwise Windows & Doors

Earthwise Windows & Doors are manufactured in the USA by the Earthwise Group, an alliance of U.S. window manufacturers. We are Made in USA-Certified(r). We employ American workers and build with U.S.-sourced products. Earthwise Windows & Doors are distributed by dealers and contractors throughout the country. We also carry the Good Housekeeping Seal and offer a lifetime warranty. Earthwise ENERGY STAR products are the only vinyl windows and patio doors made specifically for our customers’ local... Read More

Doors, Home and Commercial Windows Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, West Virginia

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EATON Detroit Spring

EATON Detroit Spring has been the only source for  the correct leaf springs and coil springs for your vehicle because we have – Over 24,000 Original Manufacturers Spring Blueprints An in-house design staff Over 166,000 stock leaf spring & coil spring applications Over 70 years of leaf & coil spring manufacturing experience Custom leaf & coil spring manufacturing ability A full line of Attaching Hardware and Shocks

Auto Parts Michigan

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Fling A Ring

Fling A Ring is a newly invented, patented game, made in Michigan. If you like horseshoes or Frisbee…you will love Fling A Ring. Points are similar to horseshoes with 1, 2, 3 and 4 point “Ringer”. The game is safe and flexible, and fun for all ages. It sets up and stores in seconds with a re-useable carrying case. The game is great for tailgating, at the beach, on a picnic, on vacation, while camping... Read More

Outdoor Games Michigan

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Fly Fishing Creations

Fly Fishing Creations of Michigan makes custom wooden items for the fly fishing person such as landing nets, custom zingers(retractors), fly tying cases, fly boxes, vest fly keepers, and wader hangers. Also, we have gifts with a fly fishing theme: fly pattern bookmarks, stamp dispensers, carved trout pins, carved fish and shadow boxes for display.  A partnership between three craftsmen occurred about 8 years ago.  We had all been selling through fly fishing shops in... Read More

Fly Fishing Accessories Michigan

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Food Snacks made in Michigan

Food Snacks made in Michigan include B-Nuts Trail Mix that offers nutritious and unique nut and fruit mixes, Benjamin Twiggs Cherry Berry Trail Mix, B’Bites all natural fruit and nut snacks, pure maple syrup roasted almonds, dried fruit and Hanks’s Beef Jerky

Food and Snacks Michigan

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Freedom Air Filters

Freedom Air Filters now makes an Re-Usable Pre-Filter! In addition to our current product line, Freedom Air Filters will be offering our newest innovation, a re-usable pre-filter. This pre-filter is designed to fit over the existing under- the-hood filter as well as the cabin filter. Freedom Air Filters’ pre-filters, proudly “made in the USA”, are constructed with a water-repellent material designed to prevent rain and snow from entering your engine. These re-usable pre-filters will not... Read More

Truck Air Filters Michigan

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Funky golf towels are made in the USA

Funky Golf Towels

Funky Golf Towels is a new ecommerce business offering unique, colorful, high-quality woven Golf towels made in the USA for golfers. Funky Golf Towels are designed by creative golfers for fashion-conscious golfers. The business was born after co-owner Terri Cameron noticed most golf towels were either drab or embellished with company logos. She and business partner/designer Yvonne Philpott created a four collection set of towels for various golfer tastes. “Our American made golf towels are... Read More

Golf, Sporting Goods Michigan

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Gails Lighthouse Cards

Gails Lighthouse Cards of Michigan creates hand Illustrated lighthouses by Gail Borgman McGuire. We have a large assortment of Michigan, Florida, Carolina, Oregon, and Maine lighthouse note catds. The original drawings are done in colored pencil and then reproduced onto the note cards. We also have fine art prints and Christian note cards. All my products are made in the USA.

Note Cards Florida, Maine, Michigan, Oregon

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Gentle Touch Mastectomy

Gentle Touch Mastectomy Products of North Carolina and Michigan. We are a wholesaler and online retail company that produces post-surgical mastectomy garments for women after breast cancer. Our goal is to provide women who are facing breast cancer with quality, made in USA garments that offer a sense of security and femininity after such an emotional surgery. We have also donated over 1,000 camisoles to women without insurance, so they can also feel feminine and... Read More

Mastectomy clothing Michigan, North Carolina

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Gifts made in Michigan

Gifts made in Michigan include Riverstone Gallery Photo Gifts which offer unique Michigan themed jewelry, ornaments, household products, and other great photo gift items; McCoy Creek Laser Engraved Gifts offer laser engraved glasswear and woodwork. LIghtfoot Lapidary offers handcrafted artwork such as Petoskey Stone keepsake boxes, plaques, magnets, keychains, coasters, letter openers; Shoreline ems offers Petoskey Stone jewelry, ornaments, candle holders, picture frames, wine glasses and bottle stoppers.

Gifts Michigan

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Gourmet Food & Sauces

Gourmet Food & Sauces made in Michigan include gourmet hot sauces, salsas, BBQ sauce, condiments, coffee, tea, juice, jams & jellies, breads & rolls, sweet breads, ice cream toppings, healthy snacks, jerky, maple syrup, maple syrup products, spices, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, seasonings, candy, chocolates, dried fruit.

Gourmet Foods Michigan

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Headwear made in Michigan

Headwear made in Michigan include reversible hats by Turtle Gloves in several fun designs; ear flap hats, eyelash yarn hats, newsboy hats, and knitted hats by Uniquely Worked; angora hats by Tailspin; cadet style caps by Dirty Girl Racewear.

Hats Michigan

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Health & Beauty Products

Health & Beauty Products made in Michigan include all natual handcrafted skin care and body care products using natural, organic, healthy ingredients while avoiding chemicals that damage skin. Bath & Body products include body lotions, body scrubs, foot crème, soaps, body butter and lip balms.

Skin Care Michigan

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Hines Industries

Hines Industries, an American balancing machine manufacturer, with headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was founded in 1979 by Gordon Hines. Gordon began his career designing driveshaft balancing machines for the automotive industry in the 1960s. His work quickly spread to producing balancers for the high-performance race car environment, where the company now holds over 80% of the market.

Balancing Machines Michigan

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Home Décor made in Michigan

Home Décor made in Michigan includes country pine barnwood framed pictures in rustic themes; hand blown glass paperweights, living wall planters; repurposed barnwood Michigan signs; antler art including lamps, chandeliers, sconces, shelves, wine racks; laser engraved glass and wood products; portrait drawings and personalized signs; inspirational signs; giclee art; rustic baskets and shelves; iron wall decor and hooks; personalized ceramics; Petoskey Stone and Michigan theme nightlights; Michigan landscape, lifestyle and landmark paintings; heirloom gumball macines;... Read More

Home Decor Michigan

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Hot Cherry Pillows

Hot Cherry Pillows are therapeutic pillows. Relax with moist heat that smells like cherry pie! Place Hot Cherry pillows in the microwave for an instant therapeutic heating pad, or chill in the freezer to use as a cold pack. Put them on sore muscles, tummy aches or just to warm your bed. Hot Cherry pillows are filled with Michigan tart cherry pits (that are cleaned and dried without chemicals) and sewn in sacks of natural... Read More

Heating Pads, Pillows California, Michigan

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Housewares made in Michigan

Housewares made in Michigan include Designs organic cedar soap dishes for soaps and  essential oil racks for displaying/storing bottles of essential oils and roller ball holders; ice bucket and wine cover designed to cover the ice bucket to extend the chilling time of wine; laser engraved glasses, mugs, salt & pepper shakers, soap dispensers, candy jars, cookie jars, candle holders, picture frames, ornaments; antler wine racks; metal wine racks; BagSavr trash container; chalkboard stemware;  Michigan... Read More

Housewares Michigan

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Hug-A-Plug, Inc.

Hug-A-Plug, Inc. manufactures and markets high quality, value added electrical current taps and adapter plugs for the home and office. Founded in Brighton, Michigan, all of our products are made in the USA and carry a lifetime replacement warranty. Our mission is to produce products that solve a common problem, are of the highest quality and provide the best value in its class.

Household Gadgets Michigan

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IntelliDent Products of Michigan makes Protection by Prevention IntelliDent Toothbrush Shields, the surgical mask for your toothbrush and IntelliDent MouthGuard Shields – Advanced Barrier Science (ABS) protecting your Oral Health and your overall health. Convenient, affordable, hygienic barrier for the devices that you put into your mouth.

Toothbrushes Michigan

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JCat Gear

JCat Gear – keep your head in the game with a comfortable and sleek no-slip headband. These stay-in-place headbands are perfect for the active athlete or if you just want to look great.

Athletic Women's Clothing Made in the USA Michigan

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JIFFY” Baking Mix

JIFFY” Baking Mix made by Chelsea Milling Company is a complete manufacturer. We store wheat. We mill wheat in to flour. We use that flour for our own mixes. We make our own “little blue” boxes. We do it all-that’s why our mixes provide you with the best possible value. Value is using the highest quality ingredients and the best price! Our entire operation is located in Chelsea, Michigan and our product is shipped out... Read More

Food and Snacks Michigan

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JK Skrumpy Hard Cider

JK Skrumpy Hard Cider This Original Hard-Cider has been made on our family-owned farm in Flushing, Michigan for well over a hundred years. It was first pressed back in the 1850’s. Not much as changed in the process since then. We use the same apples from the same orchards as my great-great grandfather did before the time of the Civil War. We are proud of that. It gives us a sense of history. These past... Read More

Beverages Michigan

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Justina’s Genuine Creations

Justina’s Genuine Creations include wired wrist art and feather hair bands. The designs include feathers, stones, shells, glass, metal, buttons, pottery and even magazines pages! The girls hair bands are the rage for babies, little girls, and big girls alike. Each piece of wired wrist art and feather hair band is individually made and unique.

Miscellaneous Michigan

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American Made Snack Foods

Kar’s Nuts

Kar’s Nuts American made snack foods was founded in 1933. Sue Kar started roasting peanuts in a tiny kitchen in her home just across the street from Tiger Stadium in Detroit and sold them to Tigers fans heading to the game. Her peanuts quickly became so popular that soon a manufacturing plant was built to distribute peanuts to retailers in the Metro Detroit area. In the 1960’s the company was sold off to the Nicolay... Read More

Food and Snacks Michigan

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Katarina Naturals

Katarina Naturals currently produces environmentally friendly, all natural nail polish removers and a salt substitute. All products are agriculturally based and fully manufactured in East Lansing MI. The goal of Katarina Naturals is to provide products made in a sustainable way and join a growing number of other manufacturers in delivering sustainable products while preparing for a future when renewable resources are our mainstay. In the very near future hand sanitizers and home cleaning solvents... Read More

Nail Care Michigan

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American Made Wooden Swingsets

Kid’s Creations, quality swing sets.

Kid’s Creations American made wooden swingset structures are hand-crafted, built to last, and easy to assemble and free of chemical treatments, so they’re safe for your child and the environment. Kid’s Creations American made wooden playsets are totally customizable. You can even design your own. Kid’s Creations American made swing sets are engineered to stand the test of time while providing your children with years of healthy and imaginative play! Our American made swing sets... Read More

Play Ground Equipment, Toys made in America Michigan

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Tools made in the USA

Kripto Tools

Kripto Tools are American made tools produced in Portage, Michigan. The company was started by a father and son with a vision of introducing new and exciting concepts to the market to solve problems or fulfill needs. We are a manufacturer and distributor of specialty hand tools with an emphasis on safety and uniqueness and we make Tools to Conquer the Task™ Editor notes: Please not that only the Tools are made in the USA.... Read More

Cutting Tools, Hand Tools, Specialty Tools, Tools Michigan

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Ladybug Baby Organics LLC

Ladybug Baby Organics LLC of Michigan  & California feature lots of eco-friendly, organic, non-toxic and made-in-the-USA baby products, such as: organic bamboo and cotton baby clothes and accessories, handmade organic canvas storage bins, eco-friendly changing pads and burp cloths, organic bath products, non-toxic feeding products and lots of great gift choices. We hand print our unique designs with love using non-toxic water-based inks.

Children's Clothing California, Michigan

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Leelanau (Lee – La – Naw) the Indian word meaning “Delight of Life,” reflects what can be seen traveling this Northern Michigan peninsula and is at the heart of the journey that began in 1974 for the Jacobson family who believed this would be a perfect location to grow grapes and produce excellent wine – thus the beginning of Leelanau Cellars.

Wine Michigan

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Made In America Clothing Co.

Made In America Clothing Co. is a family owned and operated company based in the Mid-Michigan area, with one main thing in mind, to offer people and vendors quality American themed & “Made In America Clothing”, the way it should be! With todays markets all going out of the U.S. for a cheaper alternative and a higher profit, we are doing just the opposite, keeping everything in the U.S.A. and keeping the cost as low... Read More

Men's Clothing Michigan

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MIBearings LLC

MIBearings LLC We provide Premium hub units that are manufactured in Gaylord, MI by Wheel Bearings, Inc. Each unit that we sell is tested before it is shipped to you, so we can ensure the highest quality possible. *All our units contain no foreign parts, only USA made everything.

Auto Parts Michigan

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MP Fashion

MP Fashion designs fashionable, transitional maternity outerwear and sportswear that allows going from pregnancy to post-pregnancy and vice-versa. To cover the gap in maternity fashion, the designer turned her focus towards creating a contemporary fashion line “Maternity and Beyond” that is versatile, functional and feminine.

Maternity Wear Michigan

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Naturally Sinful

Naturally Sinful offers amazing all natural skin care products. The skin care line includes body butter, face wash, toner, face cream and sugar scrubs for body and lips. These products are all natural with absolutely no toxins or chemicals.

Skin Care Michigan

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Nautical Jewelry Gold and Silver Cut Coin Jewelry

Nautical Jewelry Gold and Silver Cut Coin Jewelry making and selling nautical jewelry made from coins in the small resort town of Lexington, Michigan located on Lake Huron in 1972. We started with cut out coin jewelry made from real U.S. and world coins. Over the years we have sold our cut coin jewelry and whole coin jewelry wholesale, drop shipping for many retailers very successfully. We are now happy to offer our fine cut... Read More

Jewelry Michigan

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Nurtured by Mother Nature

Nurtured by Mother Nature Organic Aromatherapy products are plant based and support the natural healing ability of the body and maintain wellness. Your body has an amazing ability to balance and heal itself. When we support this process with the wisdom of Mother Nature, this natural ability can be greatly enhanced. Great care is taken in selecting the finest ingredients. Certified organic ingredients are used when possible.

Aroma Therapy Products Michigan

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Old Woodward Shave Co

Old Woodward Shave Co is the excellence in shaving products. Formulated from a barber’s perspective, Old Woodward Shave Co has developed a line of shave products that are sure to enrich your shaving experience. Shave products are available in oil & butters in Original Clove & Peppermint Cool fragrance.

Shaving Products Michigan

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Truck Running Boards Made in the USA

Owens Products Running Boards Made in the USA

Owens Products Running Boards Made in the USA. Owens Classic was created 1965 with the invention of the Classic fifth wheel hitch and the Owens fifth wheel recreational trailer. In time, the business evolved and grew into the manufacturing of a variety of commercial trailers using the same fifth wheel concept. Along the way, Owens designed the first aluminum running board in the market in 1977, which made it easier for our fifth wheel customers... Read More

Auto Accessories, Auto Parts, Running Boards Made in the USA, Truck Boxes and Storage Boxes Michigan

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Pieceful Works

Pieceful Works Patchwork Baby Quilts are hand made the old fashioned way – one at a time, with no duplicates. Each quilt is fun, cozy, educational, one-of-a-kind, and practical all at once. The ABC Patchwork Baby Quilts are made from fabrics showing pictures of things beginning with each letter of the alphabet. The Activity Patchwork Baby Quilt keeps a baby happy and engaged for hours with attached ribbons, velcro, pockets and flaps. No two baby... Read More

Quilts Michigan

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Polly Products

Polly Products of Michigan makes 100% post-consumer,recycled plastic picnic tables and benches, trash and recyclable receptacles, signs and Memorial Benches and Plaques for hospitality, municipality, healthcare, education, parks and recreation, and personal use. Polly Products manufactured the original Buddy Bench!  Sourced in Michigan, made in Michigan, and sold worldwide!  Green products for a green world.

Outdoor, Picnic Tables Michigan

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Reborn Dolls

Reborn Dolls come with a birth certificate, instructions for care, a magnetic pacifier, Mohair conditioner and a faux formula sealed baby bottle. Each reborn doll comes with their own birth certificate, which includes the babies weight, length, and date of rebirth. The name is left blank, so you can name the the reborn doll whatever you want. The reborn dolls weigh about 5 1/2 pounds and are about 20″ long. They have been weighted with... Read More

Dolls Michigan

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Rolar Products Inc.

Rolar Products Inc. of Michigan makes Gears, We do CNC turning & Milling. We have Auotmatic srew machines. We Broach. Cut Keyways. We Hone & Grind. Have been in Business 23 yrs. We are a job shop. We work with Steel, Brass, Bronze, SS Steel, Castings & Forgings.We are a small business. Have all American workers ,Running machines made in the USA.

Machining Michigan

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RussTick Natural Woods Firestarters

RussTick Natural Woods Firestarters are easy to pack and carry for a camping excursion. Each firestarter is carefully handcrafted and created from a bundle of assorted twigs tied with jute twine and then wrapped with a piece of salvaged White or Yellow Birch bark. Hemp is then wound around the bundle to hold the firestarter securely together. The end of the twig bundles are dipped in a complex variety of natural resins that dry shiny... Read More

Outdoor Cooking and Campfire Cooking Equipment Michigan

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Saverine Creek Heirlooms

Saverine Creek Heirlooms Artisan Jewelry from Hand Sown and Harvested Organic Heirloom Seeds. We grow the seeds used in our jewelry on our families’ Centennial farm in mid-Michigan

Jewelry Michigan

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Shinola of Michigan make bikes in the USA. The core of Shinola’s bicycle collection lies with our Director of Bicycle Development, Sky Yaeger. An ex-racer turned industry legend, she’s pioneered some of the most important advances in bicycle design to-date. Together with our team of seasoned bicycle fabricators, specialists and assemblers, Sky continues to push boundaries – resulting in a beautifully crafted and masterfully engineered collection of American-built bicycles. Each of our bicycles begins in... Read More

Bikes Michigan, Wisconsin

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Shinola of Michigan makes Detroit-built watches, handmade in a variety of sizes and styles Built with only the best available watch components, we utilize a production process in our state-of-the-art Detroit factory to hand-build each item, one at a time. This is the redefinition of luxury—a sensible realization that a brand name is worth nothing beyond the quality of the product it’s printed on, and a deep-seated belief that products should be built to last,... Read More

watches Michigan

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Silver Loon LLC

Silver Loon LLC | of Michigan creates Michigan inspired, solid cast sterling silver & gold jewelry.  Two affordable jewelry lines with hundreds of styles, plus our custom design gallery featuring Great Lakes fossils, petoskey stones, charlevoix fossils & more.  Our designs are 100% hand-crafted in Michigan by jewelry industry professionals.  Please visit our website to see our manufacturing process, credentials, retail shopping locations and a complete photo gallery of all our designs. Call for wholesale... Read More

Jewelry Michigan

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Smart Mouth Lip Treatment

Smart Mouth Lip Treatment is not your normal lip balm! In fact, we don’t even call it a lip balm – it’s a lip treatment stick. It does not have the waxy consistency of a lip balm. Instead, it adds your daily dose of vitamin E/A/C, Aloe, and Comfrey in one magical step that melts into your lips, leaving them oh-so-soft and ready for action. Perfect for wearing under lipstick or lip gloss. Put it... Read More

Cosmetics Michigan

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Soy Happy Candles

Soy Happy Candles are elegant, designer style soy candles made with 100% pure soy wax, meaning no paraffin, no bee’s wax, and no other additives. Soy Happy Candles are carcinogen-free and hand-poured to ensure the most consistent high-quality soy candle on the market. Soy Happy Candles are proudly made in the U.S.A. since 2004 and purchase from suppliers in the U.S.A also. Our mission is to make the world smell better, one candle at a... Read More

Candles Michigan

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Sterling Wax Products

Sterling Wax Products are specially formulated to produce a sparkling streak-free, high gloss shine with no chalky residue left behind. Sterling Wax products create the perfect long lasting treatment for all surfaces -painted, glass, plastics, vinyl, fiberglass, metal, counter tops, etc. The treated surface will shed water, dirt, and dust long after other brands have stopped working. Sterling Wax surface treatments can be used on autos, boats, campers, motorcycles, planes, eyeglasses, windows, TV’s, touch screen devices,... Read More

American Made Auto Cleaning Products Michigan

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Super Blanky

Super Blanky is created with a patent pending design that turns a blanket into a wearable superhero cape without the restriction of a neckband. The sleeves allow the wearer to play superhero or cozy up with the blanket wrapped around their shoulders. It’s like cuddling in a giant comfy cape. Arms are simply slipped through the patent-pending, comfortable “sleeves” so Super Blanky™ stays put. No ties under the throat, no fasteners, nothing to come loose.... Read More

Costumes Michigan

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TechAFX supplies aftermarket components for the the Performance Vehicle Enthusiast. We specialize in items that help “gearheads” upgrade their vehicle’s Fuel System with the highest quality components available today. Our A-N Fittings are made for us by a company that supplies the US Military. Our Hose products are American Made by a company that supplies the US Auto Industry. TechAFX is a full scale provider of engineered solutions for your vehicle’s high performance needs. The... Read More

Auto Parts, Hoses, Hot Rod and High Performance Parts California, Michigan

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Tee See Tee

Tee See Tee is a Michigan based t-shirt design and printer with a true Michigan perspective available in women and men sizes. Focus is on limited edition Michigan theme apparel that appeals to locals and tourists alike.

Clothing Made in the USA, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing Michigan

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The Chase Coat Classic

The Chase Coat Classic uses only the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our coats are designed for exceptional fit, ease of movement, and maximum durability. You won’t find another coat on the market that stands up to our rigorous standards. The Chase Coat will keep your dog warm and dry in the most severe weather. Features a tough water- and wind-repellent Neoprene® shell, warm polyfill insulation and a soft, plush Polartec® Classic fleece lining. We... Read More

American Made Pet products (all categories), pet clothes Michigan

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American Made Printed Tee Shirts

The Job Shop American Made and Union Printed Tee Shirts

The Job Shop is Michigan’s best source for AMERICAN MADE and Union Printed Tee, sweats and all other garments. We are Michigan’s ONLY FULL UNION screen print, embroiderer. The Job Shop is dedicated to American apparel, decorated with screen-printing and embroidery, they will continue to carry the high standards that we have built and expanded this company upon.

Clothing Made in the USA, Men's Clothing, Union Made Products Michigan

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The Local Credit Union

The Local Credit Union, we are a not-for-profit full service credit union established in 1949. We were established by UAW Local 228 members and now serve any individual that is a member of a union local headquartered in tri-county metro-Detroit. All hourly workers are organized under a collective bargaining agreement with the UAW. We are union-made. Our motto is ‘union members serving union members’ and we pride ourselves in brothers and sisters helping one another…….because... Read More

Credit Unions and Banks Michigan

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The Mitten State apparel

The Mitten State apparel is the best in the country. Not just because of the attention to detail, the vintage awesomeness, and the softest apparel – but because we are fortunate enough to celebrate the best state ever. Because every design they make tells a story: about our history, our people, and our places.

Clothing Made in the USA, Men's Clothing Michigan

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The Wood Works of Cedar Springs

The Wood Works of Cedar Springs makes Christmas Nativity Scenes and other Christmas decorations made in the USA for your home. This company makes far more than American made holiday decorations such as wild life scenes, doll houses, jewelry boxes and much more. They build each items like they were building it for themselves. Visit their website to see everything they make and you will see they have a lot of nice testimonials from customers... Read More

Christmas and Holiday Decorations, Wood products Michigan

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Timeless Wood Creations

Timeless Wood Creations of Michigan makes everything to order one piece at a time.  It as all handmade and hand finished using only solid wood, no mdf, plywood or particle board.

Woodworking Items Michigan

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Traxx Mobility Systems, LLC

Traxx Mobility Systems, LLC of Michigan makes the Traxx Patient Lift is a freestanding, two post, battery powered lifting system that lifts, transfers and repositions an individual up to 500 lbs from bed to wheelchair and back again.  Our lift is an affordable  alternative for home health care reducing caregiver injury and improving the quality of life.  Made in USA with parts from the USA.

Healthcare Michigan

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Tribeca Pets

Tribeca Pets of NY, Michigan, and California makes beautiful, fine furnishings for Pets. Original Designs, Solid Woods, and handmade in the USA. Our custom work, making multiple dog feeders, and tremendous Dog Bowls, for breeds like Leon Bergers,Bernese Mountain Dogs, and tiny breeds. Dog Bowls, Dog Beds, Oak Crates, and Custom Work. We have 9 Years of experience with Pet Furnishings and our designs address many concerns of Veterinarians, and Owners.

American Made Pet products (all categories), Dog and Cat Beds made in the USA, Pet Crates, Pet food and water bowls California, Michigan

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Unbreakoball  Our trademark Unbreakoball Products are made in Michigan. Unbreakoball offers high quality dog toys & breed awareness products at affordable prices. We here at Unbreakoball take a great deal of pride in our MADE IN AMERICA PRODUCTS. We support American Workers and Small Businesses!

American Made Pet products (all categories), Dog and Cat Beds made in the USA, Pet Toys Made in the USA Michigan

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USA Filtration System's American made water filter systems

USA Filtration Systems American Made Water Filters

USA Filtration Systems makes American Made Water Filters for your home or business. After seeing the devastating effect of the auto industry’s move to manufacturing outside of the U.S.A on his local community, the founder if USA Filtration Systems Inc. decided to create a business that would help keep Americans working. USA Filtration Systems Inc. was created to provide our customers with complete water filtration systems that are efficient and effective, as well as manufactured... Read More

Drinking water, Water Cooler Filters, Whole House Water California, Idaho, Michigan, New York

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USAOutdoorFurniture of NY, Michigan, and California. Shop from quality outdoor furniture that is made in America. Most of our furniture can be custom ordered with your choice of frame and cushion options.

All American Made Furniture, Outdoor, Patio California, Michigan

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Vroomers Novelty Slippers are based on classic cars and vintage travel trailers, and even robots. Each are made from cloth, with fiber fill and non-slip bottoms. Slippers are “one size fits many” for fun-loving teenagers and adults.

Slippers Michigan

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Webster Telescopes

Webster Telescopes specializes in Dobsonian Telescopes from 22 inches to 1 meter inAperture. Proudly made by American craftsmen in Detroit Michigan.

Telescopes Michigan

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Wheel Tire Detailing Tool

Wheel Tire Detailing Tool will help show off your awesome ride during car show events. Keep tire dressings on your tires not your wheels. The Wheel Shield Tire Detailing Tool adjusts for 15 to 20 inch wheels. Keep vehicle wheels and rims shielded from tire spray. A must have for the clean car enthusiast – saves you time and work! Simply cover your wheel, aim, and shine.

American Made Auto Cleaning Products Michigan

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Williams Gun Sight Company

Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. has been manufacturing gun sights and other gun accessories since 1926. Williams offers excellent customer service and warranties all of their products for quality material and workmanship. FireSights are the newest product line offered by Williams Gun Sight Company, Inc. Manufactured in Davison, Michigan, FireSights are machined from aircraft strength aluminum (front beadsare made of steel) not plastic.

Guns, Rifle Scopes and Sights Michigan

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Zane Products Inc

Zane Products Inc.  We are located in Allen Park Michigan. We sell a product for detailing cars. Adjustable for 15 to 20 Inch Wheels, Easily Adjust to Pre-marked Wheel Sizes, Locking Fastener Holds Secure, Circumference Lip for Complete Coverage, Comfortable Handle, Unique Patented Design, Made In the USA From Recycled Plastic. HOW IT WORKS! The ingenious convex shape of Zane’s patented Vehicle Wheel Shield allows for full coverage of protruding spokes, hub caps, spinners and... Read More

American Made Auto Cleaning Products Michigan

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