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    Sadly there are currently no cell phones being produced in the USA. For a short time the first model of the Moto X was American made. The company making the Moto X was sold and the production was moved overseas immediately with about 400 jobs. There are news reports of course in 2017 that Foxconn will be building a factory in the USA to create either Apple phones or at least components. If you are aware of any cell phone company we may have missed please let us know.

2 thoughts on “Cell Phones Made in the USA”

  1. Mike Sprague says:

    Are there any non-sticking pans made in the U.S. ?

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Check the cookware category on the Kitchen products made in the USA page. However I don’t think you will find Teflon coated pans but there are other types of non-stick available there. Thanks for visiting.


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