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Custom Medical Parts

Medical Alerts and Information
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    MyInfo911 ID Card In a medical emergency even if you are unable to speak for yourself, your MyInfo911 ID card will speak for you providing first responders instant access to... Read More

Medical Products
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    Utah Medical Products, Inc. of Utah has the experience and capabilities to handle the most complex silicone and thermoplastic molding requirements for both medical and non-medical applications.

Medical Storage

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    Scrub Ink After watching a sea of nurses walking past their office window, Rodger and Dalia (a father-daughter duo) couldn’t help but notice how they all looked very similar. Rodger,... Read More
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    Banana SCRUBS of Texas. Nearly two decades ago, Banana SCRUBS sent out its first mail order catalog. From its humble beginnings in the mail order uniform business, Banana SCRUBS has... Read More
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    Performance Scrubs For years astronauts and athletes have benefited from scientifically-designed materials that are super comfortable and highly functional. Now it’s your turn. Performance Scrubs are created to control both... Read More

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