Ammunition Made in the USA Directory

Big Bear Firepower; When It Absolutely Has To Be Destroyed When Reliability, Accuracy, and
Knockdown Power Is Critical; Big Bear Firepower's Ripper ammunition exceeds the standard by
utilizing the industries best components. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards using
only 100% US components assembled in Montana by our veteran owned small business. Big Bear
Firepower produces factory new personal defense and match grade target ammunition with the
consistency of the best hand loads. For serious shooters, BBFP Ammunition is the ideal choice for
defense handguns and law enforcement. This ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in boxer
primed, reloadable Remington Winchester and Top Brass cases. All of our Ripper ammunition is made
in Montana with Hornady Extreme Terminal Performance bullets, Barnes Mil/LE bullets, or Rim Rock
Hard Cast Semi Wad Cutter lead bullets. Our match grade target ammunition is made with Montana
Gold bullets manufactured here in Kalispell, Montana Whether you are looking for a round for personal
defense from an attacker or Dangerous Game, Big Bear Firepower has you covered with our Rippers
Ammunition product line. Engineered for maximum reliability, damage, and stopping power.

Dakota Ammunition, manufacturer of COR®BON/Glaser products, is an American Family owned and
operated corporation for over 27 years. Our company uses only the highest quality components and we
put our products through rigorous daily testing to insure that we bring you the safest products
available. Our facility has the most modern manufacturing and pressure testing equipment in the
industry. We are proud to put "Made in America" on all of our boxes.

We here at Precision ONe Ammunition invite you to see the difference premium grade ammunition
offers. We are a fully licensed and insured manufacturer of ammunition. We offer new and
remanufactured ammunition, the loads are the same-the only difference is the brass.  Most of our
products are loaded to full-power (not a standard target load), higher averaged velocities, and
controlled recoil for faster target acquisition.  Our XTP Self-Defense rounds are loaded to peak power
with a 'magnum type' powder.  Remanufactured ammunition can be more accurate than factory ammo,
but is less expensive because of the recycled brass. All our pistol ammunition is remanufactured unless
it is specified 'New'. We use a variety of powders in our calibers of ammunition to obtain optimum
results.  One powder is not the best option for all the different calibers.  We know some other
remanufacturers do this and we do NOT.  

USA Ammo is an American based manufacturer of high quality new and remanufactured ammunition.
USA Ammo assembles ammunition on the latest Ammo Load Mark 10 and Mark L Loading Machines.
USA Ammo is not just another ammo distributor. USA Ammo is a manufacturer dedicated to producing
the best quality and value in center fire range and training ammunition. USA Ammo is Veteran owned,
with over 20 years in the Small Arms Market.

Vector Bullets, LLC  of Idaho  an Idaho manufacturer of projectiles (bullets) for the commercial
loading market. We currently feature .223/5.56mm FMJ bullets and .30 caliber/7.62mm jacketed bullets
are coming soon. Other bullets types will be added as customer demand allows.

Reloading Equipment Made in America
Redding Reloading Equipment for rifles, handguns, pistols, revolvers, custom dies, bullet casting
equipment, powder measuring and weighing equipment, bullet seating dies. We are proud to continue
our path of growth here in New York State, where we create jobs and opportunity by selling our
American Made reloading products throughout the world. We are equally proud to serve you, our
customer who understands and appreciates that important difference as well.
American Made Ammunition Directory
Our list of American products would not be complete without a page for Ammunition made in the USA. We have built a list of companies that manufacture
ammo here in our country. We also listed reloading equipment we found Made in the USA. So if you are a marksman that like to use the best ammo or reloading
equipment please check out some of the companies listed here. When you use American Made items you'll always hit the mark while helping the economy.
Ammunition Made in the USA
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