Bedding Made in America

Luxe and Liberty strives to be the first resort for American-made home furnishings by offering the most
compelling combination of value, selection, service and convenience. Every item offered at Luxe and
Liberty is beautifully designed, produced with premium-quality materials, and proudly made in America.
We select only superior products, representing our customer’s discerning taste, which are intended for a
lifetime of use.

Brahms Mount blankets, throws and baby blankets are woven from propriety yarns on Crompton and
Knowles W3 shuttle looms. This type of loom dates from the 1940’s and formed the backbone of the
Industrial revolution of this country. They produce selvedges that cannot unravel or be aesthetically
obtained on modern equipment. We hand fold the edges on all sides and securely sew them in place. This
feature avoids the use of attached bindings. Furthermore it ensures long life to our products. Depending
upon the style, an individual Queen size blanket contains upwards of 5.80lbs of pure Cotton. Linen
blankets are slightly weightier. This is an important consideration in our design process since we wish to
provide the drape and " hand" essential to a good nights sleep.

National Allergy Mattress Encasings - Along with BedCare pillow encasings, all of our mattress encasings
have now been tested to confirm that they offer protection from bed bugs living on your mattress.
Because we manufacture encasings in our Georgia plant, we can control quality while offering full return
privileges with no restocking fees.

The New England Trading Company, Ltd. Every item we offer you is made in New England, most are
handcrafted by artisans of various trades. Each item is hand-selected for it’s superior quality, superb
craftsmanship, or unique artistry.

White Lotus Home Whitelotus Home: Natural & Organic Bedding & Home Furnishings, Handcrafted in
the USA. Wholesale and Retail in the USA and Canada. As a company, we are devoted to taking care of
our customers, our employees and our planet. We are a small business with skilled and creative artisans
who are dedicated to their craft, and a sales staff dedicated to serving customers. We believe that we can
make a difference in business by setting an example for others. We believe that quality and fair value are
more important than low prices and a quick buck. We are opposed to the exploitation of the planet and all
its inhabitants. Above all, our people, products and business practices are socially, politically and
environmentally responsible (some items imported but they appear to be clearly marked)

NeatSheets by Everest Luxury Linens are the best fitting, most innovative bed sheets on the market today
- and they are made right here in the USA!  All sheets are made to order, and we absolutely don't believe
in the "one-size-fits-all" approach.  Tell us how thick your mattress is and we will make a
custom set of sheets guaranteed to be a perfect fit for your bed.  With many fabrics and colors to choose
from, NeatSheets are the only sheets in the world that offer our patented Convenience Pockets on the
fitted sheet - a perfect place for your cell phone, TV remote, reading glasses and other bedside items.  
We are so confident you will love your sheets, all NeatSheets come with a 100% money back satisfaction

Cuddledown, a family-owned company located in Portland, Maine, has been committed to making and
selling the finest in home fashions for 38 years. Our employees handcraft our pillows, comforters,
featherbeds and more, right here in Maine. Our superior fabrics and fills, exclusive designs, quality
construction, plus devotion to great customer service, make Cuddledown the premiere source for high-
end bedding, linens and more.
Please check the label, this site may also sell import items. Please double

The Bates Mill Store is a family-owned retailer of American-made bedspreads, blankets and accessories.
All of our products are proudly woven and finished in Monmouth, Maine by our team of expert
craftsmen and women. Each product is 100% preshrunk cotton and machine washable for easy at home
care. We are also more than happy to work with customers on custom sizes and adjustments. Our
products are famous for lasting generations and are truly "Loomed to be Heirloomed."

Victor Mill Incorporated. With all the “Made in China” labels flooding the market today, it is refreshing   
to find an American manufacturer using American workers to produce quality products at a competitive
price. Such is the case with Greenville, South Carolina based Victor Mill, makers of comforters,
bedspreads, duvet covers, coverlets, window treatments, and decorative pillows, whose motto is
“Affordable luxury one piece at a time.”

Quilts and Blankets Made in America

See our Blankets Page
American Made Bedding Directory You'll sleep better at night knowing your bedding was Made in the USA. While you sleep in comfort your fellow Americans are
sleeping better too knowing they have jobs. That's right your simple purchases can add up to thousands of American Jobs. When other Americans have jobs they too have money to
spend into the economy and it just snowballs from there until we are all employed.
Bedding Made in the USA
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