American Made Books Directory The great American Novel should be a book printed here in the USA right? Below we have made a list of publishers we
have found printing books here in our country. Every time you buy products made here you support our economy and create more opportunities for employment. If we all
had great jobs we would have more time to read books!
Books Made in America

Gasch Printing is a family owned printing company with a nationwide reach. We pride
ourselves on our start to finish customer service to ensure our authors have the best
experience with their printing. Gasch has a background in commercial printing and
specializes in on-demand, short-run, and digital book printing for our self-publisher  
clients. We also endeavor to assist all projects with proofing, strategy between hardcover
or paperback printing, and design accommodations.  Visit today to get started with your
printing today.

Footprint Press Outdoor Recreation Guidebooks Welcome to our world of outdoors fun.
Among these pages you’ll find a wealth of information on where toWe specialize in New
York State covering: -the Finger Lakes region -the 1000 Islands region -Central New York
State -Saratoga Springs, NY -Western New York State -Lake George, NY

More4Kids Personalized Children's Books are not only a great gift, but also have
educational value. What are Personalized Children's Books? Our Children's Personalized
books include your Child's name, friends, age and more, all woven throughout each story. What can be more American than a book about REAL American
heroes written by Americans and printed in America?   Here it is: 50 American Heroes
Every Kid Should Meet, an award-winning book featured in USA Today.  Dr. Dennis
Denenberg, one of the co-authors, was also interviewed live on CNN Live. Since its initial
publication in 2001 and the revised version in 2006, this book has garnered over 50,000
fans around the US.  It is easy to read, and the format of the book is engaging for both
kids and adults.  It tells short stories about 50+ great men and women - all American -
who have made our world a better place.  They range from obvious choices - like George
Washington - to lesser known individuals, like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!  Every field  
of human endeavor is represented - for example, science, politics, the military, the arts,
medicine, writing - so that readers learn REAL heroes are found everywhere. Who are
YOUR heroes?  Are they in the book?  Is someone in the book who you don't think is
heroic?  One of the awesome features of the book is that it has led students and adults to
debate "who is a hero and what makes that individual heroic.". For example, some readers
have asked why General George C. Marshall is included, but not General/President
Eisenhower.  Reading the book as a family - and then writing to the authors - is a terrific
way to engage a family in a lively discussion. The book has been very popular with
parents who homeschool their children, because each of the 50 heroes has an activity and
a recommended quality children's book to read. Looking for a holiday gift for your
children that will make them aware of REAL American heroes -and engage them to
explore their own heroes?  Here's the book to launch that venture.  Visit www.heroes4us.
com  to learn how to get an autographed copy - and while you are at the site, look at the
HERO/VIRTUE cards to accompany the book. If you sell Made in America products,
please contact Dr. Dennis Denenberg to sell this book and cards.  

Scout Fun Book series is a collection of books related to Scouting, Camping and Hiking.
This 12 book series features: Scoutmaster's Minutes, Scout Skits, Superior Campfires,
Scout Jokes, Scout Cheers, The Scout Riddle Book, More Scout Skits, Scoutmaster's
Minutes II, the Scout Puzzle and Activity Book, Campfire Tales and Run-ons and Even
More Scout Skits. Scout Books are lightweight and are ideal for bringing along on
camping trips or Scout outings.

Apple Pie Publishing  Apple Pie Publishing, LLC is dedicated to bringing quality    
American made books and  products to their readers. All books are printed in the USA on
quality lead free paper & ink. Apple Pie Publishing, LLC is active in the community and  
an avid supporter for medical  research and fundraising. The Apple Bunch Book series has
donated thousands of dollars  with the first book Apples for Fred. A percentage of all the
profits made by Apple Pie  Publishing, LLC is dedicated to local and national charities.

Fehrman Books We are an independent publisher based in California and all our books are
published in the U.S.A. Also we use U.S. authors and book designers. We could do it
cheaper overseas but we are committed to keeping business in the U.S. We publish design,
fiction (including children's books) and animal welfare titles to help support animal welfare

Apple Bunch Books Clever imaginative stories mixed with amusing drawings printed on
high quality paper makes Apple Pie Publishing books a special treat. 9×12 Hard Cover
First edition, Ages 3-7, Printed in the USA on quality lead free paper and ink

Opus Americana A Testament to the Principles and Concepts of Our Founding and a
Timeless Tribute to The Greatest Nation on Earth This collection imparts the dignity and
respect that America’s Founders and principles justly deserve – bound into a book of
unparalleled quality and workmanship. This compilation illustrates the people, documents,
places, and symbols that paved the way for the first free and representative form of
government that the world has ever known. Let this book serve as a showcase of your
pride in such a legacy. Display it in your home or office or engrave it as a gift for a friend
or loved one. Help spread the word about all that America’s greatness has brought to
mankind and the world.

Waterford Press Inc. of Arizona is the only publisher with a Bird, Trees & Wildflowers
and Wildlife guide to every state. Our Pocket Naturalist, Duraguide, Waterproof Animal
Care, and Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guide series are all Made in the USA. Of the more
than 500 titles we produce, only 24 are published outside of the USA -- an those are due
to technological limitations here at home.

Books made in Michigan include stories about Michigan infused with beautiful artwork,
fictional and non-fictional books on Great Lakes crime and corruption, shipwrecks on the
Great Lakes, Valentine book, children's books, coloring books, cookbooks, activity books,
novels, history of Michigan books, Casino's in Michigan book, and ghost stories
connected to the lakes, from phantom ships, haunted islands and ghostly lighthouses.  

Children's Books made in Michigan include Around the Alphabet, Michigan Fruit Color &
Activity Book,  From Your Valentine Book, The Captain & Harry, Taj Cleans the Garage,
There are 508 Stars in the Sky and Malcom Mows the Lawn.  
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