Educational Products Made in the USA

Bodelin Technologies makes The ProScope HR Handheld Digital Microscope The ProScope
HR is the world's first handheld digital microscope and has been a mainstay in science
education, law enforcement, and manufacturing quality control worldwide since 2001. The
ProScope HR can be used with analog microscopes, telescopes or borescopes and can
capture stills, video and time lapse with it's bundled Windows and Mac-compatible software.
The ProScope HR is USB Video Class, needs no driver to run

Schoen Trimming and Cord Company has been the leader in the trimming industry for 60
years. We are known for our high quality products that are manufactured in our own factory,
located in midtown Manhattan. Our total integrated facilities offer fast delivery, diversity of
colors, and competitive prices. Our product line includes: Graduation Products, Religious ...
Cincture Cords, Fez Tassels, Bookmark Tassels, Menu Tassels, Napkin Holders.

Brock Magiscope "The world's finest children's microscope" The only American made
microscope. Over 20 years ago the Brock Magiscope® was created to fill the need for a
simple, tough, and versatile microscope that could be used indoors or out, on everything from
slides to rocks. Teachers needed an instrument that did not require electricity or complex
mechanisms that frustrated everyone involved. Since that time, the Brock Magiscope® has
evolved and established itself as the leader of the pack. If you want success with a
microscope, ask anyone who owns one... there is nothing like a Brock! "Every time you buy a
Magiscope, you are supporting over thirty American companies and their workers." What can be more American than a book about REAL American heroes
written by Americans and printed in America?   Here it is: 50 American Heroes Every Kid
Should Meet, an award-winning book featured in USA Today.  Dr. Dennis Denenberg, one of
the co-authors, was also interviewed live on CNN Live. Since its initial publication in 2001 and
the revised version in 2006, this book has garnered over 50,000 fans around the US.  It is
easy to read, and the format of the book is engaging for both kids and adults.  It tells short
stories about 50+ great men and women - all American - who have made our world a better
place.  They range from obvious choices - like George Washington - to lesser known
individuals, like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!  Every field of human endeavor is represented -
for example, science, politics, the military, the arts, medicine, writing - so that readers learn
REAL heroes are found everywhere. Who are YOUR heroes?  Are they in the book?  Is
someone in the book who you don't think is heroic?  One of the awesome features of the
book is that it has led students and adults to debate "who is a hero and what makes that
individual heroic.". For example, some readers have asked why General George C. Marshall is
included, but not General/President Eisenhower.  Reading the book as a family - and then
writing to the authors - is a terrific way to engage a family in a lively discussion. The book
has been very popular with parents who homeschool their children, because each of the 50
heroes has an activity and a recommended quality children's book to read. Looking for a
holiday gift for your children that will make them aware of REAL American heroes -and
engage them to explore their own heroes?  Here's the book to launch that venture.  Visit www.  to learn how to get an autographed copy - and while you are at the site, look
at the HERO/VIRTUE cards to accompany the book. If you sell Made in America products,
please contact Dr. Dennis Denenberg to sell this book and cards.  

Mahar Manufacturing Mahar Manufacturing We are family owned and operated and
manufacture quality children's rest products & classroom furniture for the schools, homes,
and daycare industry. Our materials and workmanship exceed the highest standards in the
school supply and equipment industry. All of our products are constructed using raw
materials that are produced right here in the USA. We do our own fabricating, powder-coating,
injection molding,sewing and assembly in our Van Buren, Arkansas facility. We are very
proud to say that our products are completely American made!

Art In History, Inc. Art in History promotes cultural art education in unique and entertaining
ways with a focus on interdisciplinary “hands-on” education. Each project takes an
interdisciplinary approach using multi-curriculum in teaching historically significant cultures
and their methods of creating art. Students learn through a three-dimensional project that
includes all necessary materials.

Shapes Etc.  of New York creates inexpensive, innovative, time-saving products that inspire
creativity in children of all ages! Shapes Etc. is the original die-cut notepad company in the
educational marketplace. Since 1984, we have been developing time-saving products that
inspire creativity for teachers, parents and children. We are a woman-owned company,
located in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York.

Happi-Nappi of Tennessee makes Chair bags for school desk chairs to organize the students
belongings.  USA made Cot and Mat Sheets, Nap Bags and Crib Sheets for schools and
daycares.  The materials used to make the products are even manufactured in the USA.

Art In History, Inc. of Georgia's projects are used in many YMCA's, Boy's & Girl's Clubs,
City Departments for summer camps, and public education systems throughout the country.
The projects are geared mostly for grades 2-12, and are tied to both state and national
standards, therefore the students are learning the skills needed to be successful in school
while at the same time having a blast with the projects. The program is 100% turn-key, and
can be completed in any setting. No Kiln firing necessary!

Creative Images - Art4Kids of Florida Art4Kids™ pictures are laminated for protection,
mounted to a wooden base, then finished with a colored beveled edge for easy hanging with
attached wire hanger.  A high-quality product constructed for years of enjoyment. Decorate
children's bedrooms, play areas, day care centers, pediatric medical facilities -- anywhere you
want to safely display art for children.  Our goal is to Stimulate, Amuse & Inspire
children through art.
American Made Educational Products Directory. Nothing is more important than educating our youth. This page has listed educational items Made in
the USA. Not only should we use domestic products in education I hope we will also teach the students the virtues or production of goods in our own country. How a factory
employs many people at different levels of the pay scale.
Educational Products Made in the USA
Please Check the Label before you
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Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.
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