Fishing Equipment Made in the USA Directory

Fishing Bait Made in the USA

Magic Bait Co.  America's Favorite Fish baits. We have manufactured fish bait for 40 years. We also
make a wide range of products all made in Oklahoma

Fishing Boats Made in the USA

Fishing Boats Made in the USA"See our Boat Page"

Buck’s Bags Inc. has manufactured our fishing craft since the early 80’s. We began with float-tubes
and then started making simple pontoon boats that offered an effective alternative to the conventional
models. Over the years, these have evolved into our current fleet…the most effective, versatile and
well constructed float-tubes and pontoon boats you will find! Our float-tubes have withstood the test
of time and new innovations continue to improve their function and comfort. All of our pontoon boats
feature our and crafted stainless-steel frames that offer superior design, strength and corrosion
resistance relative to other frame materials.

Fishing Accessories

Buttrest Fishing Rod Holder was Awarded the "Best New Product" at the Ft Walton Beach Florida
Sportsman Fishing Show 2009, by the PANHANDLE OUTDOORS TV SHOW. Have your fishing  
rod ready & within reach for quick & convenient casting, Makes changing fishing tackle a breeze,
Keep your valuable fishing rod and reel out of the water. A great tool to quickly & safely place your
fishing rod & shoot a  perfect picture of your trophy fish

Fishing Hooks and Lures Made in the USA

Eagle Claw We continue to manufacture all our world famous fishhooks in Denver, Colorado and are
extremely proud to be the only brand of fishhooks "Made In The USA!"  We are proud stewards of an
85+ year American legacy and the most recognizable brand name in all of fishing.

SKIPPER'S JIGS was established in 1990 to craft fishing tackle for fisherman that wanted Hand
crafted, powder coated ,and made in the USA fishing tackle. We have tackle to use for walleye, bass,
crappie, nothern pike , panfish, bone fish, grouper, red snapper, mackeral, snook, drum, jacks, tarpon,
trout and king fish. We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence.

Eppinger Mfg. Co. has been American made since 1906. "American's Fishing Lure"  "we are one of
the few manufacturers of fishing lures that are still American made and not out source to China ."

Rattle Head Baits located in Tennessee sells innovative spinner baits, buzz baits and jigs featuring our
patented moveable hook enclosed in a rattle chamber within the head. All of our baits are made in the
USA, are of premium construction and include top quality components.

XFactor Manufacturing, LLC.  We design and manufacture Soft Plastic Baits for Salmon, Steelhead,
Trout and Bass. We use the highest quality American Made raw materials available. Our Ultra Soft
plastic gives these baits a lifelike action that fish simply can't resist. Catch more fish with XFactor

Fish Dinner Lures of Arkansas started in 2008, hand makes freshwater fishing lures for all predator
species. We purchase supplies from companies that advertise American Made. We use recycled lead in
our lure bodies. We Produce In line Spinners and casting/jigging spoons. Lure weights from 1/2 oz. up
to 1 1/4 oz. There is a video link 5 minutes long on the home page.

Talon Fishing Unlimited, Inc. is a small, family operated business located on beautiful Toledo Bend
lake in the Great State of Texas. We personally handle all aspects of custom lure production at our
facilities, and each custom lure is completely made to order in the U.S.A. by American Craftsmen with
decades of experience in the field. We are experts in lure design and lure crafting and take pride in
providing our customers with the very finest quality, innovation and service in the industry.

Fishing Poles Made in the USA

Signature Fishing Poles  "You will catch more fish using custom fishing rods offered by"

Razr Rods LLC of  Missouri makes American made fishing rods

Ice Fishing Poles and Accessories Made in the USA

Sullivan Tip Downs LLC of Wisconsin. Sullivan Tip Down Is a motorized Jigging Tip Down that
works in the Summer as well as the winter. I make these in Eau Claire, WI. We also make a Tipping
rod holder called the Sullivan Tip Drop which is totally adjustable for balance and tension and has a
signal flag. We take pride in making our products in the USA and employing US workers by buying
American components.

Fishing Pole Holders Made in America

Bike Fisherman - Fishing Rod Holders For Bicycles  Finally You Can Ride Your Bike To Your  
Favorite Fishing Hole Provides inexpensive entertainment, fun and exercise for the whole family.  
Light weight (under one pound), easy to install injection mold never has to be removed, just simply
slide your fishing rods in and out. The fishing rods are seated deep and have a quick to fasten security
strap, so they will not bounce out of your fishing rod holder in rough terrain. Holds two fishing rods
up to 1 1/4 inch diameter with bail type spinning reels.  

Moto-Stop is proud to present our line of Tip-Stops for the anglers out there that know the frustration
of juggling multiple rods in the boat. These light weight self leveling holders come in a variety of
configurations and mount directly to the fiberglass of your boat to support up to six rods at a time.

Fishing Reels Made in America

Aspen Fly Reels are manufactured by Barrel Service Company in the USA. They are designed and  
built for the fly fisherman who wants a premium-grade reel without paying a premium price.

Nautilus Fly Fishing Reels "At Nautilus Reels we are very proud of the products we manufacture. All
reels are made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in south Florida"

REC Components based out of Stafford Spring, CT, is the Designer and Manufacture of the finest rod
building components and cases. Especially renowned for high quality reel seats and hardwood spacers.

Tight Line Fly Reels. Our reels are 100% in house made ( Made in the USA ) no imports what so ever.
We are making our reels from billet materials such as aluminum, magnesium and titanium. Custom
engraving is also available.  Most will be custom made as we do not maintain an inventory

Fish Replicas Made in America

Currently no listings.

Fishing Tackle Made in the USA

Sampo "Made in America. Fished around the world"

Fishing Waders Made in the USA

Simms Fishing Equipment  "To ensure maximum performance, every pair of Simms waders is
designed, manufactured and tested in Bozeman Montana" (Please be aware I have been told their
wading shoes ARE NOT American Made, just the Waders)

Fly Fishing Accessories

Fly Fishing Creations of Michigan makes custom wooden items for the fly fishing person such as
landing nets, custom zingers(retractors), fly tying cases, fly boxes, vest fly keepers, and wader
hangers. Also, we have gifts with a fly fishing theme: fly pattern bookmarks, stamp dispensers, carved
trout pins, carved fish and shadow boxes for display.  A partnership between three craftsmen
occurred about 8 years ago.  We had all been selling through fly fishing shops in the State and wanted
to expand our business and provide these quality items more broadly and to have a good site for
customers to connect to other informational fly fishing sites.  Be sure to check out our links and
fishing reports pages.
American Made Fishing Equipment Directory. There must be thousands of different pieces of fishing gear. It is a shame all of it is not made here.   
Below is a list of fishing gear Made in the USA. Fishing lures are so creative and so simple they are just amazing, I could spend hours looking at fishing equipment. I hope the
next time you fill your tackle box you will consider some of the products below.
Fishing equipment Made in the USA
Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.
Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.
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