Hobby Products Made in the USA

Insect Collecting Products Made in America

TWC of America Under the 'tweber' and 'ento' name brands we have been providing both
children and adults with American made tools to study, explore and enjoy nature since 1986.  
Insect collecting has been our primary focus.

Magnifying Glasses Made in the USA

MagEyes has become a successful product in the $11 billion craft and hobby business
because of it ’s unique head mounted magnifier design which gives vision enhancement to all
types of people doing close precision work, or just simply reading.

Mining Equipment Made in the USA

The Patent Pending CrazyCrusher is not just a crusher to crush ore samples with! Although
that is the original design, with minor adjustments it can also be used for the hobbyist to crush
rocks to a size suitable for tumbling and polishing. It can also be used to crush CPU chips to
recycle the gold. In addition to that, it works great to crush glass to a powder for smelting
operations, easily and safely, as well, your black sand concentrates for further extraction of
fine gold. During the Holidays, it will wreak havoc on bags full of walnuts!

Model Boats Made in America


Model Trains Made in the USA

RCS has been building O-gauge turnouts since 1972. Today we have over 45 different
switches and crossings, and 18 different sizes of track. We also have track accessories and
other items to help you in the construction of your dream layout. All of our switches and
track are constructed by hand, using tinplated STEEL rail for magnetraction capability and
real WOODEN TIES. Your "O", “O27", and HiRail trains will never operate better or look
better than they will on Ross Custom Switches equipment.

Jensen Steam Engine  the last remaining American manufacturer of it's kind, but we still use
the original tooling, dies and hand craftsmanship for which we are known. This attention to
quality and detail makes our legendary engines highly prized by the hobbyist, student,
educator, power plant operator, engineer and collector. Our solid brass and nickel plated
Steam Engines are produced in limited quantities

Manufactured & Assembled in the USA

Hartland specializes in high-quality, affordable G-Scale Locomotives and Rolling Stock
coaches, freight cars and cabooses. We also manufacture brass and aluminum track and other
accessories for the Garden Railroader. HLW equipment is designed to run on #1 gauge track
and is compatible with other G-Scale trains and track accessories. We are very proud to say
that HLW products are American made; Designed, manufactured,assembled and packaged in
LaPorte, Indiana! Because of this, these trains are of the highest quality and are less expensive
than inferior imports.

Radio Controlled Vehicles and Parts Made in America

DU-BRO PRODUCTS, INC "The secret to our success has always been our ability to do
almost everything our business needs right in our own facility. We do it all: Injection molding,
blow molding, rotational molding, rotational foam molding, screw machining, thread rolling,
drilling, tapping, tooling, punch press, assembling, vacuum forming, packaging, and much
more. We even have our own print shop, in house advertising and marketing, and even
television production, right in our own facility. This is how we keep our costs down, and
most importantly, how we maintain our very high level of quality control. If we run into a
problem, we do not have to wait for a boat to arrive from another country, we walk back into
the factory and figure it out and fix it right on the spot. That is the way we have always done
things, and that is the way we will continue.

MIP Products "We make itty bitty parts!"

RPM R/C Products' interactive website — your definitive source for the toughest, most
durable & best parts, tools, wheels, & accessories for high-end radio controlled cars and
trucks. RPM molded products are proudly designed & manufactured in the USA!

Jersey Modeler builds Refueling systems for R/C Model Aircraft and Commercial RPV's &
UAV's for the U.S. Navy. I am a Disabled USAF Vietnam Vet ~ 1970-78. The Fueling
Systems are made by me here in my shop in Toms River, New Jersey.  These products are
made from parts purchased from around the country, so everything is AMERICA MADE to

Taxidermy Tools Made in the USA

Helping Hand Hangers were developed for the taxidermist by a taxidermist. Working alone, as
many taxidermist do, you likely find yourself in need of an extra pair of hands to assist in
securing mounts to the stand for finish work. Instead of fumbling around with a screw gun in
one hand, the mount in the other, simply install the hanger on the manikin from the beginning
and slip it on or off the mounting plate as needed.
American Made Hobby Products Directory. We live in a great country where our economy pays people enough that we can have hobbies. Well if you
start keeping some of our money home we way of life will begin to slip. We have already seen so many American Jobs lost to cheap importers and some of them may have
been taken for ever. Turn the tide insist your Hobby Products are Made in the USA.
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