Medical Equipment and Supplies Made in the USA

Custom Medical Parts for Braces, Medical Components, Medical
Clothing and Supplies

Flexsystems has been manufacturing medical products for the medical industry since 1994.
From custom clothing labels for medical uniforms, to sequential QR labels for radiation coats,
to medical pvc  brace tabs for braces, to zipper pulls for wheelchair companies and more. Our
material is a medical grade PVC. It was formulated to make human heart catheters and does not
contain any phthalates. Instead, a corn ingredient is used. Our company has the exclusive for
this material world wide in our industries.

Surgical Face Mask Made in the USA

Prestige Ameritech is the largest domestic manufacturer of surgical face masks in the United
States.  We manufacture and market our ProGearTM line of high quality, American-made
medical products while also serving as the trusted manufacturing partner of leading medical and
cosmetic companies.  The Prestige Ameritech team has more than thirty patents issued and
pending for innovative medical products. Prestige Ameritech manufactures disposable medical
products in the USA using domestically-produced raw materials. We provide our customers
with safe products and a secure supply chain.  Prestige Ameritech has a reputation for the
innovation of products made from films, tapes and non-woven fabrics, and an expertise in
ultrasonic welding, heat sealing, die cutting and other technologies. The result of this
combination matches innovative, high-quality products with custom, state-of-the-art equipment
to provide a cost-effective, made-in-the-USA solution.

Heating Pads Made in America

Hot Cherry Pillows are therapeutic pillows. Relax with moist heat that smells like cherry pie!
Place Hot Cherry pillows in the microwave for an instant therapeutic heating pad, or chill in the
freezer to use as a cold pack. Put them on sore muscles, tummy aches or just to warm your
bed. Hot Cherry pillows are filled with Michigan tart cherry pits (that are cleaned and dried
without chemicals) and sewn in sacks of natural dyed 100% cotton denim. We produce Hot
Cherry pillows in 5 different sizes from Eye pillows to Body pillows, and there are two fabrics
to choose from, Denim or Maraschino (an ultra suede). Hot Cherry pillows are the perfect gift
for everybody, from kids to grandparents! Great for athletes, new moms, wedding gifts, back
to school. Hot Cherry pillows are proudly made in America! (in Southern California). We sell
retail or wholesale, and there are distributor opportunities.

Maine Warmers of Maine microwave heating pads relax tight muscles, stimulate circulation,
and help improve flexibility. Use also to warm hands, feet, and beds. Frozen, they offer
gentle cold therapy to reduce pain & swelling. They are filled with whole corn without any
added fragrances. They have washable covers, are portable, easy to use, and safe. The fabrics
for our Comforting Creatures are made in the USA, and all of our products are made by
professional sewing contractors in Scarborough, Maine. They are high quality and provide
lasting value.

Help You Live - Made in America since 2004 we have been creating quality therapeutic rice
bags, soy candles and personal care products. We have grown steadily through the support of
many happy customers and take pride in providing customers with personal service and unique
products handmade in the USA. Our therapeutic hot/cold rice bag products are hand made with
a removable washable cover and an inside cotton bag filled with 100% American grown rice.
They are long lasting and energy efficient. Each product will wrap and conform to fit
shoulders, neck, back, eyes, knees, feet  - comfort from pain and strain - ready when &
where you need it! Check out our Boo Boo Kitties, Neck and Body Roll, Eye Pillow and our
best-selling Simply The Best moist heating pad. No cords, safe in bed, comforting and fun!

Hospital Beds Made in the USA

Transfermaster of Iowa.  In 1969, man first landed on the moon. Twenty-four years later, we
figured out how to independently transfer in and out of bed! The patented Original Transfer
Master Hi-Low was the first bed build to help with transfers. The standard minimum height
(from the top of the mattress to the floor,) is 18 inches, allowing for easy transfers from most
wheelchairs. The Hi-Low mechanism allows the bed to raise 12 inches to enable an easy
transfer back to the wheelchair and to simplify care-giving tasks. The head and foot sections
rise higher than what you find in most standard homecare beds. The Original Transfer Master
Hi-Low Bed was designed to look like home furniture, yet maintain all of the functions of a
clinical or hospital bed. Typical home care beds are designed exclusively for the nurses. The
Original improves on this by meeting the needs of both the user and the rest of the family.

Medical Alerts and Information Storage Made in the USA

MyInfo911 ID Card In a medical emergency even if you are unable to speak for yourself, your
MyInfo911 ID card will speak for you providing first responders instant access to your
medical history, medications, blood type, allergies, etc. The ability to access this critical
information within seconds will enable timely, accurate and effective treatment. Quite literally,
this card can make the difference between life and death. Emergency personnel often do not
know who or how to contact your next of kin or other emergency contact that you would
want notified in case of emergency. Your MyInfo911 ID card will provide instant access to
this valuable information, and will immediately send an email to the person that you designate
on your application. This Emergency ID Card and Sticker program is QR Enabled, allowing
Medical Professionals to access your medical information simply by scanning this code with
their Smartphone.  Your information is also available on the web with your unique URL and
security pin number.  This program is recommended for everyone, but specifically children and
Adults with specific conditions, for example  Allergies, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Dementia,
individuals who take medications, and children who walk or ride bicycles to school, just to
name a few.

Medical Products Made in the USA

Utah Medical Products, Inc. of Utah has the experience and capabilities to handle the most
complex silicone and thermoplastic molding requirements for both medical and non-medical

Medical Storage Made in America

MASS Medical Storage of Kansas. MASS Medical Storage products can be found in hospitals
both large and small all over the world.  We manufacture medical grade acute care storage for
the interventional areas of the hospital such as OR, GI, ED, Radiology, etc. in stainless steel,
metal, laminate, high density plastic or combinations thereof.  As a leading innovator in
customized healthcare storage, MASS constantly reinvents designs in order to provide clinicians
with the most efficient storage units on the market. In every hospital, in any department, MASS
produces a medical storage solution that fits the needs of its clients.  Our intense focus on the
customers and member's needs make MASS Medical Storage one of the top manufacturers in
the industry today.  MASS Medical Storage differentiates its solutions with extensive
customization of 2D and 3D CAD product libraries.  All designs are available in the industries
standard materials. Need something unique?  Take our customization challenge! Our customers
receive quotes in 24 hours, customized CAD drawings in less than 72 hours and we'll ship
customized manufactured solutions in 45-60 days. MASS Medical Storage is a certified MBE  
manufacturer and is a certified SBE 8a company . MASS Medical Storage was named Kansas'
2014 MBE Manufacturer of the Year. MASS Medical Storage is also proud to have the
following OEM corporate partners: OLYMPUS, COOK MEDICAL, MEDIVATORS, IMS,

Neck Braces Made in the USA

Shane's Neck Brace llc of Arizona. "Shane's Neck Support Brace hand made in the USA"
designed to hold The head in a upright position Invented and patented out of necessity by Shane
Peters, the neck support brace has carved a name for itself both online and offline , endorsed
for several conditions for people with disabilities the neck support allows full range of motion
while giving optimal support were needed , being the best neck support website in the world,it
has been through clinical trials for 2 months on people with disabilities see trials results at www. they gave it a high score 5 stars ,the device is water proof lightweight,very
low profile,visually pleasing,non restricting, Awesome product

Wheel Chairs Made in the USA

Convaid’s core mission is to provide special needs children, adults, and their families the
highest quality compact-folding lightweight wheelchairs. Our complete range of mobility
products seeks to improve their lives and that of the caregivers, by enhancing capabilities and
promoting independence. Convaid has grown to become a world leader in pediatric strollers and
other mobility aids; and we continue to innovate for the future. All Convaid adult and pediatric
wheelchairs are manufactured in the USA.
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