American Made Motorcycles Products Directory. Motorcycles just scream America don't they! It would be great if all Motorcycles were American Made,
however they are not. This is also a controversial page on our site because of a certain big name that many claim to be Made in the USA and others do not. I leave that tough one to
call to you! I know this industry has had many changes over the years and often the change comes fast so it has been hard to keep up with. Please like always check the label before
you purchase. On this page we have listed many other items related to Motorbikes even what I'm told is the last helmet company in the United States.
Motorcycles Made in America

Off Road Motor Cycles and ATVs Made in America

US Highland Made in the USA! Commitment - to quality and performance. No import stickered
with a US label here. US Highland hand builds its own powerplants right in the Heartland of USA!
Whether it is the 450, 507, 750 or 950 - its born of American Pride! Made in the USA. The
Powerplant so powerful Nuclear Scientists stand in awe. Few things can get a rider's blood
pumping like the thump of a high performance powerplant. Our factory mechanics build exactly
what is expected  A High Quality MADE IN THE USA Highland Engine. If you are and American,
why would you ride anything else?
****I'm not certain the frames or the rest of the bikes are Made in the
USA so please confirm and ask your own questions. However I believe their commitment to the engines warranted
listing here****

Street and Sport Bikes Made In the USA

Harley Davidson  Please investigate Harley and decide on your own. We receive many emails about
Harley of which most of them want us to remove them however we have also received mail from
ardent fans of HD. So please check them out and decide.

Sucker Punch Sally’s continues to stay true to their traditional biker values by providing the best
stripped-down bobbers and choppers at the most reasonable prices. The old school no-nonsense
style of bikes that started Sucker Punch Sally’s are the bikes they still build today, only now with
the convenience of modern manufacturing practices. The Traditional and the 66 Bobber both
received industry awards for 2007 and are the two models that the company was founded on. They
have the capacity to build 100 bikes a month at their manufacturing facility in Scottsdale, AZ,
including the widely anticipated Swinger. Their model line has been built up to six different models
with the additions of the stealthy Slim and the retro-styled Hot Rod. Sucker Punch Sally’s
continuously growing dealer network throughout the U.S. showcases the wide variety of bike they
have available, all of which exude SPS style.

Saxon Motorcycle Company American Made Motorcycles from Saxon Motorcycle Company

Victory The New American Motorcycle The Corporate Headquarters are located in Medina,
Minnesota USA.Roseau, Minnesota is the original birthplace of Polaris, and currently houses design
and manufacturing of Polaris Snowmobiles, ATV’s and the Polaris RANGER. Osceola, Wisconsin
is where many Polaris parts are manufactured and also home to the Victory Motorcycle Engineering
Department. Spirit Lake, Iowa is home to the manufacturing of ATV’s, RANGER, and Victory

Brammo Inc., is a leading electric vehicle technology company headquartered in North America.
Brammo designs and develops electric vehicles including the award winning Enertia® and
Empulse®. Brammo has a world leading electric race team and is both the reigning TTX
eGrandPrixWorld Champion and the North American Champion. Brammo is an OEM supplier of its
innovative Brammo Digital Drivetrain® systems including theBrammo Power® battery pack and
Brammo Power® vehicle management system.

Zero Motorcycles is the next step in motorcycle evolution. By combining the best aspects of a
traditional motorcycle with today’s most advanced technology, Zero produces high performance
electric motorcycles that are lightweight, efficient, fast off the line and fun to ride. Each motorcycle
is optimized from the ground up to leverage the revolutionary Z-Force™ electric powertrain and
uses a specially designed rigid, aircraft-grade aluminum frame to minimize weight. Once a burning
idea conceived inside a Santa Cruz, California garage, Zero has rapidly grown into an internationally
known motorcycle company. The result is groundbreaking motorcycle innovation that is available
for customers to own today. Since 2006, when the first prototypes were produced, Zero has
invited motorcyclists to go for a ride. Some things are better experienced than explained.

Mission Motorcycle. The Mission RS and the Mission R; the world’s most advanced high-
performance electric superbikes. The purpose of Mission Motorcycles is to produce better
motorcycles than have ever been built before, full stop. Better in every respect, most notably:
performance. In the past decade, internal combustion engine performance gains have plateaued to
offer only the most incremental advances. The technology of burning hydrocarbons has gone the
way of the steam engine, making way for something better: engine technology that does away with
the things we don’t want, and gives us more of what we do want; power, control, and freedom.
This is the purity of the two-wheeled experience.

Motus The American Sport-Touring Motorcycle is a uniquely American Story. Two guys traveling
wildly different roads through life, meet up in Birmingham, Alabama. Both there by accident or
chance or fate. Both are passionate motorcyclists. One in it for his career; the other a lifelong
enthusiast. As their friendship grows, they discover they have more than a love of motorcycling in
common. They share a dream. Lee Conn, president, and Brian Case, VP of design, talk about
Motus, the MST and how the American Dream is still possible for those who believe.

Indian Motorcycle. Choice is here in American motorcycles from Indian Motorcycle®. America’s
first motorcycle company is launching an exciting new chapter in motorcycle history. We are
proud that all Indian motorcycles are assembled in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The engines are assembled in
Osceola, Wisconsin.

Motorcycle Helmets Made in America

Super Seer is a Custom Helmet Manufacturer. We build each helmet by hand - one at a time. No
compromise is made in the quality of the helmet. Since we hand paint each helmet, custom painted
helmets for Harley-Davidson and Honda are our specialty. Our custom motorcycle helmets not only
look great, but feel great too! Seer® Helmets are manufactured in Evergreen, Colorado

Motorcycle Jackets and Gear Made In the USA

Legendary USA Leather Legendary USA is your source for quality American made apparel. Our
Legendary branded garments are proudly manufactured in the United States in sweatshop-free
environments. Buy American - it makes a difference!

Vanson Leathers is America's leading producer of high quality motorcycle apparel including leather
motorcycle jackets, pants and chaps, gloves, racing suits bags and other accessories for men and
women, manufactured in the USA.

Fox Creek Leather is a small family run company in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains of
southwestern Virginia. We take pride in offering high quality American-made motorcycle leathers at
reasonable prices. All of our jackets, vests, and chaps are covered by our lifetime guarantee.

All American Gremlin Bells Manufacturing Lead-Free Pewter Gremlin Bells®,Motorcycle Biker
Pins, Vest Extenders and more...We've been around for 3 decades worth of riding fun!! As hard as
that is to admit, it's simply given us the ability to see trends and follow up on them. There isn't a
rally in the US that we haven't either set-up at or attended.The owner, Rich, is a Vietnam war
veteran and appreciates the soldiers of today and past. Our thanks (Marg & Rich) go out to all the
military for standing guard over this beautiful country, the children of tomorrow, and for being a
dignified example of an American - a united people with a unique way of life.

Langlitz Leathers is widely acclaimed as the world's premier builder of leather motorcycle
garments. For those who are interested in learning more about our leathers, our web site will give
you a little history of our company and the products we build.

TRD LEATHER  Proud to say Made in the USA Leather products. Quality American Made Leather
for the Motorcycle & the Motorcycle Rider At TRD Leather we take pride in our ability to create
Custom Products from special sizes and cuts in any of our leather garments, to special needs for
the bike. Custom sized and or shaped saddle bags, tool bags, floor board fringe etc

Brooks Leather We are an American manufacturer of leather motorcycle apparel, in business in the
USA since the early 1950’s.  All of our apparel is produced in the USA, in our Michigan and
Massachusetts facilities.  Our apparel features a 5 year warranty.  We use only the finest top grain
cowhides and materials in our garments.

Fast Company Distributors, Inc.  We are the inventors of Kevlar-lined motorcycle jeans. We are
also the only company to hold a U.S. Patent for Kevlar motorcycle jeans. Founded in 1993, Hal
Baxter, the inventor of Draggin' Jeans, set out to find a way to make protective casual motorcycle
apparel. Draggin' Jeans are lined with 100% Kevlar in the knees and seat to provide excellent
abrasion protection where you need it most. Our Draggin' Shirts, Draggin' Jackets and Draggin'
Liners also incorporate the strength and protection of 100% Kevlar. All Draggin' products are Made
in the USA!

CruiserWorks™, the official carrier of 100% Made in the USA CruiserWorks™ Motorcycle Boots,
known for their high-end premium leather and extreme comfort.  CruiserWorks™ Motorcycle
Boots have a reputation of being the most comfortable motorcycle boots on the market.

SSC Jewelry & Leather Doing business since 1982 we are a top quality leather and jewelry design
company. Using all US suppliers and currently updating to all US manufacturing. Chaplets, our
leather leggings. kerchiefs, headbands, and much more everyday

Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Made in America

Hogtrough carries only American made accessories for your Harley-Davidson™ motorcycle.
Hogtrough invented the leading Motorcycle Cup Holder and the world’s first Down Tube Mounted
Motorcycle Cup Holder. We are proud to offer 100% American Made Quality Accessories

Bare Knuckle "In our quest to provide the chopper community with higher quality
parts and greater variety, we are branching out in a few different directions. We now have a fully-
equipped machine shop as a sister company, which in turn has eliminated most of the middlemen
involved with fabrication and production. We have also refined many of the pieces and processes
already in place. Basically, as long as the steel yard has what we need, we will have our parts in
stock. As always, every piece is made right here in America."

BAKER Drivetrain innovates, manufactures, and supports the best PREMIUM TRANSMISSION
passionate Americans, and latest in proven engineering methodology BAKER introduces ground-
breaking motorcycle driveline innovations, especially for Harley-Davidsons BAKER Drivetrain
premium, innovative, and supportive an American approach to the American motorcycle world.

Delkron products are proudly made in the U.S.A Since the late seventies to this day, Delkron has
established itself as the racer's choice for engine cases. Any racer that is using a Harley-Davidson®
Shovelhead® or Evolution® engine will tell you that Delkron cases are bulletproof. From this
reputation, Delkron has introduced a full line of engine products for the Harley-Davidson®
aftermarket enthusiast. All of our engine products focus on strength and durability because we
know what increased horsepower can do to a motor. The engineering we've given to the racer, we
now bring to the street and to the open road. Hence our saying: BORN ON THE STRIP,
manufacturing expertise and proficiency, Delkron can provide world-class quality products at very
affordable prices.

Nice Raxx was designed by motorcycle enthusiasts, specifically for those of us who transport
motorcycles to the race track. We set out to create a better way to secure the awkward motorcycle
stands that are a necessity for every day at the race track and here it is! The Nice Raxx will secure
your stands and free up valuable floor space by quickly and easily mounting your service stands on
the walls of your trailer or workshop.

Aeromach USA, LLC Flash Some Chrome! Aeromach's founder, started manufacturing by making
parts for M-1 tanks, helicopters and space shuttle components. When the aerospace industry
started to slow down, he constructed parts for his own ride, a 1981 Shovel Head. The company
expanded by branding a line of bike parts. Aeromach’s design team created a line of mirrors that are
not only incredibly sharp to look at, but damnit, you can see out of them. With vibration reduced by
40%, Aeromach is sure you will be satisfied, not only with the look and finish, but also with the fit,
installation and performance. Today we strive to carry on the tradition of quality products made in
the USA that Richard Fouhy started back in the early days of Aeromach.

Kilby Deuce makes handmade and domestic machined componients and parts for the V-Twin,
English and Japanese custom motorcycle industries and individual builders. Handlebars, Risers,
Bungs, Fittings, Fuel Gauges, Fuel Valves, Frame Sections, License Mounts and More.

Pit Bull makes the motorcycle stand to own. We also supply stands, lifts, steering stabilizers,
sprockets, motorcycle trailer restraint, did chain, accessories, and much more! These are the
original Pit Bull products. Every stand we make is built in the U.S.A. of high-grade steel and zinc-
plated to protect them from the elements. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our
motorcycle race stands and other products. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, including a good fit
for your sport bike. Make sure to take a look at our 520 conversion kit, featuring DID chains,
motorcycle sprockets, and spider grips

TRC Products Div. is the manufacturer of our Patented "Thumbnail" (R)  Turn Signal Button
Extension for Harley Davidson Motorcycles and also Aftermarket custom Accessories for the
motorcycle industry. All our products are proudly Made in America

The Silent Rider™ (formally known as “The Benz Silent Rider”) is the industry leader in ATV
exhaust silencers.  You can expect up to a 60% reduction in the exhaust noise of your ATV, with
no loss in power and performance.  The Silent Rider’s™ patented technology is custom designed to
each ATV make and model, offering the quality and reliability expected by hunters, recreational
riders, game wardens, military and law enforcement.  We have THOUSANDS of satisfied
customers, simply because it works! The Silent Rider™ is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. of
14 gauge aluminized steel.  We have been testing and using our silencer for almost 10 years with
great success.  Our ATV exhaust is quick and easy to install and remove.  The Silent Rider™ is
custom fit to each specific make and model.  You will ride in stealth in minutes!  

E-Z Touring Motorcycle Cover E-Z Touring™ Motorcycle Covers NEW 2009: Uni-Go Motorcycle
Trailer Covers Made in Madras, Oregon USA Sun, rain, wind, dust, bird droppings, prying eyes.
Since 1982, E-Z Touring covers have protected the most important assets of the motorcycle
enthusiast. Our lightweight, durable, easy to pack covers fit virtually every make and model,
including BMW, Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Indian, Victory, KTM,
Ducati, MotoGuzzi, plus custom choppers and motorcycle trailers. From sport bikes to full dresser
touring machines, E-Z Touring's got you covered.

Boss Bags from Wisconsin makes detachable leather motorcycle saddlebags, windshield pouches,
trunk bags, handlebar bags, swingarm bags, hang bags, purses

HeliBars of Maine focus for the last 25 years has been helping motorcyclists find their elusive
“comfort zone” for all day riding comfort.  HeliBars motorcycle handlebars and risers provide the
most comfortable riding position possible. Whether you’re waiting at a stop light in town or flying
down a long lonesome desert highway, precision-built HeliBars transform and improve your bike’s
handling, performance and comfort.  HeliBars provide motorcyclists with better handling
ergonomics without distracting from the excitement of riding. Our R&D engineers are riders like
you, and they take meticulous care to address all of your handlebar deficiencies before they design
the perfect fix for your bike. It’s kind of an obsession with us. When you buy HeliBars, you benefit
from years of experience in riding comfort and performance.   HeliBars are designed for easy
installation, in most cases retaining stock components and requiring little or no modification to your
stock equipment. They’re made with pride in the USA by American Craftsmen and women, and
backed by a one year warranty on all materials and workmanship. All of our products are offered
with our 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. So when you’re done
riding for the day, stop because you want to, not because you’re in pain-that’s Comfort without
Compromise. This is our passion and our commitment.

Flexsystems offers a hard plastic ABS kickstand pad in one shape only. And we also offer a custom
pvc kickstand pad with any shape, size and color you wish. Companies like Ducati and Geico have
used the hard version of our moto pad. And others like Indian and Triumph motorcycles have used
our custom shaped versions. Both styles work great and can be used as effective promotional items
as well as items for a company store and trade show give aways.We offer rush services and can
make and ship parts in days.

Mick-O-Pegs are spring-loaded motorcycle highway pegs that retract up for turns

PH Customs   We design and manufacture custom tank bibs for metric motorcycles.

Tamarack Machine Works of California designs and machine aftermarket products for Harleys and
other bikes. These kits are OUR original, high quality, trademark design rear lowering kit's for use
on Harley's. Our kits are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. under one roof  and backed by
an unparalleled quality and service reputation.  Thousands of kits of various models sold world
wide. "Put something on your motorcycle that looks like it belongs there"TM

Off Road Accessories

JcrOffroad All of our fabricated products are proudly made in house.  We buy USA hardware and
also use USA steel whenever possible.  We control every aspect of product design, development,
and fabrication so the final outcome is not only a great value; but will hold up the vigors of offroad
abuse for years to come.  We are proud to work in and support this country and hope you are as
Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.
Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.
Motorcycles Made in the USA
American Made Kitchen knives
Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.
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