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Wallets Made in America
Natural Reflections Quality leather products since 1975 Quality of design with an
eye on the most practical styling has been our trade mark for over 25 years. We
use only the best in materials and search out first class manufacturers for all of our
supplies and materials.
North Star Leather began its history in 1969 in Boston. With 80% of leather goods
now-days made overseas, we stand out from the crowd  with quality leather goods
made here in the U.S.A. In our Men's Wallets section you'll find real leather wallets
that will last for years. Unlike many "leather" wallets you'll find in stores our leather
wallets are all leather- no cloth lining that wears out long before the rest of the
wallet. We have leather chain wallets, including our very popular leather trucker
wallet, as well as many styles of tri-fold and bi-fold leather wallets.
The Leather Artisan custom handcrafts, from the highest quality domestic leathers,
a wide variety of handbags, belts, men’s and women’s wallets, moccasins and
briefcases. We’ve been making quality leather products for over 30 years.
Barrett Alley makes hand sewn men's leather wallets, bracelets and accessories.
Constructed in Texas from American vegetable tanned leather and antique fabric
and hardware. Limited edition pieces, signed and numbered.
ALL-ETT Billfolds of California is a family owned and operated business that
sources all materials here in the U.S.A. and manufactures all of our products here
in the U.S.A. as well. We make thin wallets that help people avoid sciatic nerve
damage and lower back pain caused by sitting on a bulky wallet. Our wallets are
hand made, providing many American jobs and our quality is superior to products
made overseas.
J Michael Ashland of Oregon. I am a designer and full time minimalist leather
worker. Specializing in American leather craft without power tools, I create
wallets, belts, and bags.  All items are made in Oregon, U.S.A.  I am a leathersmith,
meaning I design and make custom leather items by hand. I learned the
fundamentals of the craft from my dad, who was strictly an equestrian leather
worker. He loved horses. We spent most of the time mending saddles, boots, and
holsters (American Western Craft), and making belts. Now what I make is not
Western but Urban. The tools are the same but the leather and use is different
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