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    Hydrobike Small Boats of Iowa. For 25 years we’ve been providing premier USA built, pedal powered and portable mini pontoon boats. Our lightweight small boats have become legendary for long... Read More

Bikes made in the USA don’t need to be just a memory. In the past the American Made Bike industry employed many people. Today most bikes are made elsewhere, however it seems like the American bike industry may be experiencing a bit of a resurgence. Bike making is a craft and a labor of love. I’m not sure it can be replaced by an assembly line of robots making thousands of bikes every day. Today the old iconic bike brand names we are familiar are nothing more than marketing slogans. They are all made cheaply overseas, advertised heavily and sold by the container to the big box stores in the US.

The companies on this list don’t operate that way, they focus on quality, style and function. Their labor of love will become your prize possession. When you buy a bike made in the USA you will also have helped support American jobs, keeping our country strong. Americans working are paying taxes, participating in the economy we all live in. Bikes made in the USA are also a vital part of the green movement and shrinking your carbon foot print.

Did you know the invention of the bicycle can’t be credited to any one person? One of the early inventions that would resemble a bicycle was patented in Paris in 1818 and was called a vélocipède. In 1819 an American patented a velocipede, however nothing is known about it today because all the records were destroyed by fire. It took quite awhile for these early velocipedes to begin to resemble bicycles. In 1899 bicycle production reached 1,000,000 units (world wide) and the rest is history! For additional information please refer to American on the Move.

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