Boots Made in the USA

Boots Made in the USA

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    Explicit Shoes Inc. We have been in the shoe manufacturing business for 55 years, our success continues in the United States as a leading manufacturer of sexy and alternative fashion... Read More
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    RUBBER BOOT REPAIR PATCHES Patching A Rubber Boot Just Got Easier.  Just Peel and Stick! Our Rubber Boot Bandage is a 2″x 5″ fully cured EPDM rubber patch backed by... Read More
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    AFBOOTS – Allegiance Footwear, Inc 100% American made boots for farm, field, work or casual.  We at AFBoots we are dedicated to providing the most dependable and affordable products and... Read More
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    CruiserWorks™, the official carrier of 100% Made in the USA CruiserWorks™ Motorcycle Boots, known for their high-end premium leather and extreme comfort. CruiserWorks™ Motorcycle Boots have a reputation of being... Read More

Boots made in the USA are as tough as the people that depend on them. Whether you need boots for working or playing outdoors don’t you want yours to be American made boots. Cheap imports are called that for a reason, they are cheap and imported with very little benefit to our workforce. When you buy work boots made in the USA you create more work for your fellow Americans and growing the tax base. Buying cheap boots made overseas sends our dollars to work over there instead of here. Years ago all we all bought boots made in the USA and companies competed with one another by making better boots or fancier boots than their competitors. Today it is all branding and marketing instead of quality and trust. Did you know many of the different brand name boots are made in the exact same factory. Please keep in mind when pricing American made boots compare apples to apples. The cheap imported boots could not be made in the USA because it would be illegal, so why are they allowed to be sold here and displace American workers?

We are pretty proud of the large list of Boots made in the USA we have put together. One of my favorites is AF Boots and I own two pair from this company and they are everything they advertised. Don’t forget to also browse our Shoes made in the USA page too.

How many times have you bought an imported pair of boots just to have them fall apart well before their time. In my experience I have had great success with my boots made in the USA. With the cost of boots rather imported or American made you want a return on your investment. Look for the American made label and stop wasting your money on cheap imported boots.

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