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39 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. mike says:

    Love your site just needs updated regularly as manufacturers change

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Thank you for the comment. We are working on getting that information changed faster. We find that when a company changes their American Made status they don’t tell us. Many of our visitors have been leaving comments on Made in the USA status of a listing in comments which helps us catch them and get them removed or updated.

      Thanks again

  2. Jeff says:

    I agree with Mike.

    I just came across a site which is not listed here

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Hi Jeff, I just looked at the site you recommended and it looks just like what we are looking for. The only issue I noticed was every product they have is sold out. If that gets corrected we would be very interested in adding them to the clothing made in the USA section of our directory. If you see they get stock and start selling again please let us know and we will list them right away. Looks like they are dedicated to American made products and have some funny shirts.

      Thanks for letting us know about them and please visit often and let us know if you come across another company you would like to see on the American made products directory.

      1. Jeff says:

        Hi Dave, I just noticed that they are sold out.
        I contacted them and they said that it was unexpected that they had so many orders. They felt behind with restocking. It will be by mid July until they have everything back in stock.
        Can’t wait, I wanted to get two more shirts thyy have. Darn. Had I ordered it in March with my other ones.

        1. DaveRiley says:

          Thanks for the update. I’ll try and check on them in a few weeks. If back up and in stock I’ll get them listed. That is great they sold so many American made tee shirts!

          1. Jeff says:

            Yes, but we don’t know how many they had in stock. 500, 5000, 50000? But every single one they sold helps our economy and that counts.

          2. DaveRiley says:

            Long as they were all American made!

  3. Francie says:

    I’m from Georgia, and both Porsche and Kia cars are made here in GA for US buyers. They’re not US companies, but I love that what they sell in the US is actually made here – keeping us in jobs.

    1. dave says:

      you but all the profit goes back to Germany and Japan, plus the product ideas, etc. are not American made with american values – if thats worth anything to you.

      1. DaveRiley says:

        The corporate money does go back to those countries and of course is not ideal, but those Americans are working and paying income and local taxes. Those cars they are building would have been sold here anyway so at least we are getting a piece of the action. Our car companies are making more and more in Mexico and Canada where we get nothing. It is a brave new world!

  4. Mike Munro says:

    I like the idea of this site, but quite often a foreign made car is listed as made here in the US, but in the fine print the product is only assembled here in America. This kind of deception offends me and should be illegal.

  5. Jenna Smith says:

    Hi There,

    I am an American company and creating this platform on my site called “Made in America” Who would the best person to contact regard a collaboration be?

    Thank you in advance

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Sure, please use the contact us form and we will get right back to you. Glad to see you will be promoting Made in the USA too.

  6. DaveRiley says:

    Hi Mike, that is why I stay away from listing cars in general on this site. All the makes make it impossible to tell easily where a car is made. I own an American brand but is says right on it made in Canada and The USA. The one I had before that was Made in America and Mexico. I’m convinced you can not buy a car 100% made in the USA . If someone know otherwise I would love to share that!

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Hi Sam, yes they have been added on our American Made Electric Car page, only one so far.

  7. Sesame says:

    LOU.EARL is an American-made brand of amazing womens’ shoes!!

    1. DaveRiley says:

      They have a great looking site and very nice products. I did not see anywhere that mentioned that their shoes are made in the USA. If so we would love to have them listed here.

  8. bob jay says:

    Need someone to verify but recently heard that Garland is not manufactured in the United States anymore.
    Understood that Garland Pen now owned by Sanford Pen Company, now out of the Chicago area (?)
    January 2017.

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Hi Bob, thank you for commenting. I checked out Garland again and they still claim Made in the USA. I checked their news section and went back a little and did not see anything. Did you see that in print somewhere or something I could follow up on?

      Thanks for visiting the American Made Directory and please come back often. If you see something about Garland let me know.


  9. kierce says:

    what about for bakeware?

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Kierce, that is a great company for our directory of items made in the United States. Are you connected with them in any way?

      1. kierce says:

        Other than being a consumer of their products? Nope. But i love referencing your site for my purchases and just happened to notice that they weren’t on here.

        1. DaveRiley says:

          Kierce, they are now listed! Thanks for the heads up about them.


  10. Lindi Coker says:

    I’ve always found it difficult to find cute clothing for women that is made in the USA, so I’ve just launched a boutique! 100% of our trendy, yet comfortable clothing is made in America. Please check out my site and consider adding us to your site. Thanks!
    Lindi Coker

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Linda, thanks for contacting us regarding listing your American made products. I checked out your site and it is great. We would love to get you listed. The process is simple and free. Please use the contact form and we will send back the directions.



  11. Sophia says:

    You should also add Boom Cups to your list,
    they are 16oz BPA free plastic disposable cups that have cocktail recipes on them. They can be used for pool parties, boats, bbq’s, bridal showers, weddings, bachelor parties etc; Made in America (

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Hi Sophia, thank you for the comment. We have already added Boomcups. I love them! They are on the site right here

  12. Hello Dave,

    Requesting you to add us to your website at

    We are Rhea Manor Natural Market. It is all about getting the best quality natural organic foods, homeopathic products, and pet care items to our customers in one convenient place. Our mission is to provide the healthiest life-enhancing environment possible for our customers and to make America healthy again.

    Let me know if you have any questions regarding Rhea Manor Natural Market.


    1. DaveRiley says:

      Hi Catherine, sure we can list you. First is everything you sell American made? Is that statement on your site?

      For us to list you we would require you to provide us with an original description about your company. Please email this information to us using the contact page.


  13. Joe Horne says:

    Zeagle makes scuba equipment in the USA

    1. DaveRiley says:

      We will check them out and get them listed if appropriate. Thanks for the information.


  14. Chance Bergreen says:

    Arch motorcycles co-founder (with Keanu Reeves), in an interview with Jay Leno on his vehicle show(Jay Leno’s Garage) mentioned that their motorcycles are made in USA(specifically California). Could have been that vehicle specifically(but I doubt it)

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Chance, thanks for the heads up about this company. I’ll check them out and see if we can add to the American made Motorcycle section of our site.

  15. Tailor Industries says:

    I like the idea of this website.

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Thanks, and please come back often. We are always adding more items Made in the USA. Never know what you will find next.

  16. Paul Cerrin says:

    a company i have bought from for years have tried to get listed with you. They are completely made in the usa.… i have spoken with the owner and was told they have repeatedly tried to get on this site and were told at one time – we have your info and plan to add you- though this never occured. Not sure why you have not listed them? But they are a true USA company

    1. DaveRiley says:

      Hi Paul, I searched my email inbox and they did not come up. Maybe it was years and years ago or perhaps they slipped through the cracks.

      Often people just email me a web address and ask for a listing but it does not work like that. The company that wants to be listed needs to supply the original bio information and an image.

      If they are interested they can reach out to me and glad to do it if they take card of the info.

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