Fabric Made in the USA

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    Family Heirloom Weavers has 40 looms that were destined to the scrap heap. Starting in the early 1980s we started to rescue these looms from the scrap yard and are by all definition; a working museum. Family Heirloom Weavers are dedicated to traditional weaving of the early textile practices of homespun woven goods. Because of our strong belief in USA made products as well as doing our part to help keep domestic manufacturing here. Our... Read More
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    In 2004, we decided to share our family beauty secret with the world and launched our women-owned small business, Satin Serenity. As a hair stylist to some of the most famous actresses during Hollywood’s Golden Age, Great Aunt Amy recommended sleeping on a satin pillowcase to maintain the beautiful hair and skin of her elite clientele. For three generations and nearly half a century, our family has made satin pillowcases for our own personal comfort... Read More
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    Hamrick Mills produces top-quality greige woven fabrics for use in the home furnishings, industrial, apparel and support apparel markets. Two state-of-the-art vertical manufacturing facilities produce fabrics in widths from 48″ to 135″, and in weights ranging from
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    LuRay Textiles, Inc. uses American made yarns to make fabrics here in the USA. We are a circular knitting company and have been in business for over 30 years. We make fabrics with cotton, poly, Kevlar, Nomex, pbi and many other yarns. We also sell wiping cloths – from a lint free bleached cotton cloth to a light weight grease rag. These cloths are used by many companies for a variety of purposes from cleaning... Read More
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    Majilite Corporation manufactures synthetic leather for several industries including Apparel, Footwear and others. The advantages of polyurethane synthetic leather include lighter and stronger than leather, and there is an almost infinite selection of colors, grains, embossed pattern, quilting and laminated backings. All products are made in Dracut MA of US and imported components. The domestic content of almost all products is in excess of 50%. We employ 140 people and have been in business since... Read More
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    Heritage Lace Inc. Manufacturing in North Carolina and Iowa is an integrated textile supplier with state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Oxford, North Carolina, and finishing and shipping facilities in Pella, Iowa. The firm maintains corporate showrooms at 230 Fifth Avenue in New York and the Atlanta Home Textiles center, and exhibits at national and regional trade shows. A leader in design, product innovation and quality since 1983, Heritage features the appeal of tradition in home... Read More
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    American Grown Spun Milled Fabric without a passport — American Grown•Spun•Milled’s sustainable and organic fabrics are made in America from seed to shelf. Support organic agriculture, green jobs, and a lower carbon footprint by helping create a sustainable, local fabric economy. **Please note this company also sells imported fabric. We are only linking to their Made in the USA collection** Please check the label before buying anything!
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    National Textile Industries, has been supplying broadcloth and trimmings since 1958, when Sal Gagliano and his father Thomas launched the small trimming house, National Bias Binding, on the lower east side of New York City. Today , National Textile Industries converts poly cotton broadcloth for every imaginable manufacturer from home furnishings to medical products. In addition, our bias binding division produces approximately 295 million yards of trimming a year. National Textile Industries has developed an... Read More
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    Schoen Trimming and Cord Company has been the leader in the trimming industry for 60 years. We are known for our high quality products that are manufactured in our own factory, located in midtown Manhattan. Our total integrated facilities offer fast delivery, diversity of colors, and competitive prices. Our product line includes: Graduation Products, Religious … Cincture Cords, Fez Tassels, Bookmark Tassels, Menu Tassels, Napkin Holders.

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