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Bird Feeders

Bird Houses

Dog and Cat Food made in the USA
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    PetGuard Since 1979, PetGuard has practiced the philosophy, which embodies the commitment to you and your pets, to provide only natural alternatives for a healthier environment and lifestyle. People today... Read More
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    Pawgevity – Food for Pets of Virginia manufactures real raw, organic foods and unique treats for cats and dogs to promote health and longevity.  All ingredients are sourced locally from... Read More
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    Best Pet Naturals American made and all natural! Our dog food, cat food, pet treats, supplements and pet care supplies set the bar for quality ingredients and healthy standards. Watch... Read More

Dog Treats Made in the USA

Hoof Boots

Horse Blankets

Horse Scratchers
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    ScratchnAll® is leading the way in multi-animal scratchers.  The owner/inventor is a senior entrepreneur who brought manufacturing FROM China TO America.  She has an interesting story to tell. ScratchnAll® is... Read More

Horse Socks
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    Whinny Warmers® and Summer Whinnys™ are made in America! Completely! This is non-negotiable! Our knitting mill is an American business. The yarn spinners are all American! The socks are finished... Read More

Horse Training Equipment
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    Lickity Bits were specifically designed to enhance the bitting training experience for the horse and rider. Our products are carefully crafted and made in America with the finest quality ingredients.... Read More

Dog and Cat Beds made in the USA

Pet Bird Cages

Pet food and water bowls

pet clothes

Pet Crates

pet gates
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    Dynamic Accents Ltd  Dynamic Accents Ltd manufactures top quality wooden pet gates, pet crates and other fine pet accessories in Wooster Ohio.  Utilizing native Ohio hardwoods and eco-friendly non-toxic water... Read More

pet id tags

Pet Leashes

Pet Supplies

Pet Toys Made in the USA
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    Dog Toys Made in the USA by Ruff Dawg Whether you have a Sheltie or a shepherd, a boxer or a Bichon-Frise, Ruff Dawg has the right toy for your... Read More
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    Unbreakoball  Our trademark Unbreakoball Products are made in Michigan. Unbreakoball offers high quality dog toys & breed awareness products at affordable prices. We here at Unbreakoball take a great deal... Read More
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    Purrfectplay “the perfect toy for your pet – naturally!” Purrfectplay  is simply dedicated to producing the best toys possible for your pets while keeping you informed about the role synthetics... Read More
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    West Paw Design of Montana. Pets add quality to life and West Paw Design’s objective is to give them quality in return with durable toys, beds and apparel made in... Read More

Pet Treats

Protection Dog

Saddle Packs

Saddle Stand

Tack and Accessories
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    Packin’ It Easy™ Horse and Snowmobile Saddle Pack. Quick access to all your supplies while riding. The first non-leather saddle pack ever made. Saddle Packs with optional Icy Cold Pack™... Read More
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    Edgewood Leather Company of New Mexico offers a premium line of English tack and accessories. You can be assured that every Edgewood product has been handcrafted and carefully inspected here... Read More

Pet Portraits

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