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Shoes made in the USA

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  • [Total: 0    Average: 0/5] American Made Rubber Footwear We are a family owned and operated manufacturer in Cincinnati, Ohio. Makers of rubber over-the-foot and over-the-shoe protective products for the Construction, Industrial, Agricultural, Safety,... Read More

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  • [Total: 9    Average: 1.9/5]
    Explicit Shoes Inc. We have been in the shoe manufacturing business for 55 years, our success continues in the United States as a leading manufacturer of sexy and alternative fashion... Read More

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Shoes made in the USA are back in fashion and in demand. Many consumers of unaware they bought shoes made offshore when they had purchased an iconic American brand name. Did you know that most of the iconic brands are no longer made in the USA?. Today most people have no idea where their shoes were made, isn’t that sad? There must be a tremendous amount of shoes sold in the country every year right? How many of those are shoes Made in the USA? I don’t know either, however I bet it is hardly a fraction of what it once was. Today’s shoe companies pay celebrities millions of dollars for endorsements while paying millions workers just a few dollars a month. This sounds upside down to me to pay someone so much for their image rather than pay for quality craftsmanship and creating living wage jobs. Today shoe sales are all marketing, all hype, no emphasis on quality except the image of quality. So you won’t find any high paid pitchman here but you will find hardworking people that make American made shoes. Buy shoes that matter, buy shoes made in the USA and support your feet and America at the same time. This page is for all types of footwear made in the USA.

This page of American made shoes is broken down into categories such as men’s shoes, women’s shoes, athletic shoes, casual shoes and many other categories. Just scroll down this page and you may be shocked to see how many companies are still here doing their best and creating jobs for fellow Americans. After you are done finding your shoes made in the USA don’t forget to finish your wardrobe with American made Clothing. Thanks for visiting this directory and please come back often to find ways how you can help create jobs in the USA.

If you have time for a fun bit of reading check out this page The history of shoes and see some of the oldest shoes ever found.

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