Tools Made in the USA

Air Tools

Automotive Tools Made in the USA
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    Titan Tool Company has specialized in stud driving since 1920. Because of this experience, we have the knowledge to meet virtually any stud driving need – from automotive/truck, heavy equipment,... Read More
  • ProMaxx Tool American Made Exhaust Manifold Tools. ProMaxx make high quality precision tools for the removal and replacement of broken exhaust manifold mounting studs in many Ford, General Motors and... Read More

Carrying Tools

Cement Tools

Chain Saws

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    BADGER CLAMPMade in Michigan THE MUST HAVE NEW HAND TOOL The Badger Clamp is an ideal DIY tool as an anchor for rigging operations (vertical or horizontal) and as a... Read More

Cutting Tools

Electrical Safety

Extension Cords


Garden Tools
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    OHSAY USA We offer 100% guaranteed quality Made in USA gifts for the whole family.We feature products twice a week at 10-70% off retail prices. You will discover unique home... Read More
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    The DIG RIG is a shovel attachment that is designed to distribute the digging pressure load on the foot, over a large surface area. It has a 3 1/4-in. wide... Read More
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    Bully Tools, Products that separate you from the herd! Professional Grade Products for the Pros and Homeowners!
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    Mighty Max Carts are made 100% in Texas, and replace a wheel barrow, dump cart, two-wheel dolly, beach cart, boat dock cart, flatbed, and many other garden carts.  It transforms... Read More

Grinding Tools
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    Cenco Grinding has been in business for over 30 years and is one of the leading drill blank manufacturers in the United States. Blanks produced by Cenco Grinding are made... Read More

Gutter Cleaning Tools

Hand Tools

Heat Sealer
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    Jensen Sure Seal of Georgia. Our JSS-500 heat sealer was developed following fifteen (15) years’ experience in fabricating Heavy Duty Flexible Barrier Materials employing a number of different types and... Read More

Home Improvement Products


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    Bauer Corporation Ladders is a manufacturer and distributor of high performance portable ladders, aluminum planks and stages in the USA Look at our products and we think your we agree... Read More
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    Stokes Ladders, Inc. of California make Aluminum and fiberglass ladders, step stools, and special ladders for orchards, landscape maintenance, industrial use, auto and truck maintenance and detailing.
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    Monkeyrack Products LLC  Monkeyrack Products LLC of Bradenton Florida USA proudly produces and sells the American-Made Monkeyrack ladder stabilizer.  Not only is the Monkeyrack American-made, it’s constructed of American-Made steel.... Read More
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    Hook-Um Dano Ladder Lock Don’t lose your expensive ladders to thieves, lock-em down with a Hook-Um Dano Ladder Lock. Simply the Easiest, Most Effective and ECONOMICAL Solution to Ladder Safety... Read More
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    VertiRack Manufacturing Co. of Pennsylvania makes the highest quality and most convenient to use line of aluminum ladder racks available. Our products are manufactured of anodized aluminum and stainless steel... Read More

Laser Tools
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    Origin Laser Tools, Inc based in California makes the world’s finest laser tools for the construction industry. Our Cornerstone Classic laser is designed, manufactured, and assembled in America, and personalized... Read More


Metal Bending

  • Da Vinci Paint Company Art Supplies Made in the USA. Da Vinci Paint Compnay has created a colorful road, three generations long now, has been leading Da Vinci Artists’ Colors... Read More
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    BIPACCO COATINGS, LLC brings over 50 years of cumulative staff experience to your marine and industrial infrastructure painting and coatings supply needs. We specialize in the marine and industrial infrastructure... Read More
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    Bipacco Coatings LLC of  Missouri makes Application Friendly transportation paints & Coatings for Boats, Ships, Trucks, Shoes, Cabinets, Barges, Concrete etc…Trademark Captains Choice water reducible enamel Trademark Shuethane polyurthane shoe... Read More
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    Mythic Paint is a zero voc, non toxic high performance paint that comes in any color and is totally safe for people, pets and the planet. Mythic has three distinct... Read More

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    CANGUN1 is our revolutionary new, patented pistol grip spray can tool that easily snaps on to standard aerosol spray cans – transforming them into professional-style spray guns with unprecedented control,... Read More


Presses and Manufacturing

Router Bits
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    TOOLCO INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION provides quality cutting tools and services to foster long-term business relationships through the strategic association of our manufacturing operations with the marketing capabilities of well-established distributors.

Saw Blades


Sheetrock Tools
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    It looks like this company has closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Siphon Hose

Snow Removal
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    Premium landscaping at affordable prices, Langer Landscapes will transform your outdoor surroundings into an enjoyable paradise. Specializing in lawn care, patio installations, hardscapes, excavation and more: Langer Landscaping has the... Read More

Specialty Tools

Tape Measures

Toilet Repair Parts

Tool Belts and Bags

Tool Hangers
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    Toolhangerz, ltd. of  Ohio and Indiana make customized tool hangers for power tools. The hangers are powder coated and designed to work as tool storage for workshops, garage and construction... Read More

Tool Organizers
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    Ernst Manufacturing, Inc. continues to develop new, exciting products for tool organization and the tool industry. As dynamic, growing, innovative American company, Ernst produces all of its products at a... Read More

Utility Knives

Welding Tools

Wood Working

Woodworking Items


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