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About Americans Working Website

Americans Working site was created to provide consumers with an easy to use and highly accessible means of finding products made in America. Our directory is constantly being updated as we add new companies every day after being thoroughly researched and accredited. We strive to make a difference in not only the quality and safety of products available to consumers, but also for the American worker as standards for safety and quality far exceed that of oversees manufacturing. Most of the companies listed on our site are small to mid-size companies and take great pride in delivering incredible products and services while employing fellow Americans. Help the American economy by demanding American Made Products.

The vast majority of the companies listed on our directory have been listed at no charge and there is no financial relationship between us. We do accept paid advertising and operate placed advertising from Google.

There are a few important items that we would like to convey to our visitors who are interested. First and foremost we have no political affiliation, our goal is for fellow Americans to join our grass-roots efforts to buy American Made items. We believe that if enough people create a demand for American products that businesses will respond and start to fill that need. The second most important aspect of our ideas is that we are not protectionist. We have no goals of restrictions on imports. Lastly we would want to make certain visitors realize we are not anti anyone, the people that are being taken advantage of overseas are trying to find work and feed themselves and their family. We donít like corrupt governments but that is different from the workers of the world.

Our goal is to empower Americans with a tool to help them find goods made here in the United States. The companies that are still making items here are fighting an uphill battle against cheap labor because of unfair trade agreements. Over and over polls and surveys have continued to find the majority of Americans do not support NAFTA or other trade agreements like it. Politicians lobbied by big business are trying to create even more generous trade deals to allow them to import even cheaper goods. We can stop this trend and get more Americans working! Visit our section about why you should buy American made products and how it helps our country.